Zinus Urban Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support Review

Zinus Urban Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support Review

Please tell us about the Zinus product you purchased.

I recently bought the urban platform bed by Zinus (queen size). I think the model was newly released, and I don’t know Zinus. This is actually the first time I bought one from them. Usually, I’d buy the bedroom stuff from stores at major shopping centres, and I ended up going again because the quality of my sleep didn’t improve at all.

This is the third time I changed beds, and this Zinus bed I bought on Amazon was surprisingly cheaper than other beds. I even bought it at a discounted price. I was worried because there is this little alert bell in the back of my head, telling me it could be a bad purchase. However, my gut was telling me I should try it, so I did (because I trust my gut more).

The headboard, the footboard, and the framing are all made of steel, but the mattress support is made of wood. With these specifications, you get a sturdy bed without the noise. I actually prefer steel over wood, because of a lot of reasons, mostly around the wear and tear of the material. Also, steel beds, such as this detachable bed are easier to move from one apartment to another.


What are the things you like about the Zinus product you purchased?

Some people regard sleep as some sort of a luxury. They thought that interior design was something people with money would typically pay for out of boredom. That is so wrong! Having little sleep or no sleep at all could affect your overall health. It could cloud your judgment, mess up with your ability to concentrate, slow your speed in rationalizing things, make you irritable, or worse, limit your ability to remember stuff.

I watch depictions of real-life investigative stories. I noticed that if there are accidents, investigators look at the possibility of the dead driver lacking sleep if not drinking before getting in the vehicle. It’s that serious! Sleeping is real talk, and fatigue is real.

I’m very particular when it comes to my bedroom because I love sleeping. Sleeping helps me absorb the nutrition I get from the food I eat and the veggie juices I drink, and most of all, I can work efficiently. My mind is more active. My senses remain awake, and I can think fast. Thus, I’m very meticulous when it comes to the lighting of my room, the colour of my walls, the bed, and the mattress. Why does the bed matter when they all look the same? Because even if you have the best, most expensive mattress in the world, if the bed is not good, the mattress won’t be as good either.

These are the things I consider when I buy something to put in my bedroom. Having a cabinet above your bed can already make your body restless. It is worried about having that cabinet fall on you when there would be an earthquake. It’s not a feng shui thing. It’s a spiritual thing.

And so, choosing the right bed does matter. If I just say, “Oh, this is good. I recommend this to anyone with better sleep.” I know you will still question me, what makes this worth your time? Why is it a good purchase? I want to help my fellow sleep enthusiasts make the best purchase. If you’re like me, I know how tough it is to find the perfect bed, the perfect mattress, among other things that help you get good sleep.

I’m very sensitive when it comes to beds that creak and wobble. I have changed beds a couple of times in the past because the creaking was driving me crazy. I couldn’t help it. It was so irritating. It was like listening to a knife being rubbed on a steel plate all night long. It was also swaying. It drove me mad. Because I made the big purchase, I had to spend the nights on the couch. I was sure that if I didn’t replace the horrific bed soon, my death would be coming soon, so I did what I could to replace the bed as soon as I got my next paycheck.

When I got the Zinus bed, I realized that I would have to assemble it. I was worried about that at first, because we’re talking about putting two steel boards together to create one side of the rectangular frame. After I got that together, I was impressed by how beautiful it looked. It’s sturdy. It doesn’t squeak. It doesn’t wobble. The parts are not shaky. While I was worried that I would have problems with it, I believe I would not have problems with this bed, but I’ll update my review if ever I get problems with it.


What are the concerns/complaints you have with this product?

Probably my only complaint was colour. Maybe you should be more open about having a light version of this bed. I have light brown furniture, and the rest of my world is in light colours, so I would have gotten a white one if there was a white version of this bed.


Would you recommend us to other consumers?

Yes! I actually am on it already, because I am so happy with this bed. I have been sleeping in the Zinus bed for a week now, and I had a complete rest every night. I am able to sleep for eight hours straight. I didn’t worry about the bed at all. I am all over the bed when I sleep, so I like that it has a footboard. I didn’t realize until now that a bed with a footboard was all I need.

If you’re a consumer and you love sleeping just like me, try this bed. It’s a great find. The greatest thing about Zinus beds is that they have a five-year warranty. If you ever encounter problems with the bed, you just have to call them, and they’ll fix the bed for you. Five years, just imagine. Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Zinus!


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