Zinus Upholstered Diamond-stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support (Queen) Product Review

Zinus Upholstered Diamond-stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support (Queen) Product Review

Please tell us about the Zinus product you purchased.

I bought the upholstered diamond-stitched platform bed. It has a wooden mattress support but the framing is made of steel. It is also already upholstered. The headboard has diamond stitching with button tufts. The fabric feels great against my hands. It has a charcoal colour, which is perfect in my bedroom. It complements the design, the paintings, and the colours I already have in my room.

It also comes with a five-year warranty. If you’re worried about having problems with the bed, this warranty is a good reason for you to try it.


What are the things you like about the Zinus product you purchased?

I bought the Zinus platform bed after having problems with the bed I bought from a major shopping centre some months ago. I put it in the back of my attic as soon as I began hating it. I couldn’t stand it, and I filed a complaint against the store after they gave me a poor customer service experience.

I experienced common issues with that bed, such as wobbling and squeaking. I know, at some point, every bed, no matter how sturdy it was at the beginning, will eventually start showing signs of wear and tear, such as squeaking. That bed was awful on a whole new level. It began showing signs of deterioration as soon as after just a couple of months.

Because I bought that useless thing, my budget ended up being so little. And so, I turned to Amazon, the discount paradise. I have been an Amazon user for a long time, but I didn’t dare try buying huge stuff from online shops. I don’t like the idea of being blinded by the beautiful pictures and not getting to see in person the product before I pay for it. I only bought safe things such as books. However, as proven by experience, seeing the product doesn’t help you make a great purchase either.

I have a job that involves befriending important people and maintaining a good relationship with them. I would invite these friends to my home for a formal or casual gathering. I spent good money on interior design, because the home tells a lot about your personality. I changed beds because the bed the interior designer put in my room was too small for my taste. I gave that away to get another bed. I wanted something bigger and more comfortable, but then I don’t want to waste the efforts that my interior designer poured into the bedroom. And I regretted that decision after a couple of months.

When I looked at the beds on Amazon, I was looking at the reviews. I want to make sure there are more satisfied customers, but I am still looking at the experience of those who have had bad experience with the product. I want to make sure the reason for the 1-star rating was reasonable. I had a limited budget, but I still wanted to have my necessities and preferences ticked off: It has to be big, sturdy, comfy, and beautiful. I wasn’t planning on putting another hateful bed in the attic anytime soon. One big headache in the attic is already unbearable for me.

Then I found this Zinus bed, and was looking at it this side by side another bed. What made me actually put this into my shopping cart and pay for it was the five-year warranty that comes with it. I was thinking that maybe these guys are very confident about the quality of their work so they decided to put a warranty that impressive on their products.

The product came in a box, in pieces that you would have to put together, and I had my brother help me with it. We read the manual, and watched some how-to videos. We were impressed by how beautiful and sturdy the bed ended up being. The boards fitted perfectly to one another. It doesn’t wiggle. It’s quiet. It remains in place no matter how much I move in the bed. I love how it looks. I love its design, its colour, and the appearance of the headboard. It looks as good as how it looks in the pictures on Amazon.

The headboard is parallel to the wall, and the body of the bed is parallel to the floor. The distance between the framing and the floor is big enough to slip in some decorative boxes for more storage, such as to hide the additional pillows you wanted around you when you’re sleeping at night.

I also get to gloat about having put that bed together as if I were a carpenter. I’m actually kind of trying to figure out how they were able to make sure that the consumers would get a quality bed despite it being in pieces. The boards are perfectly aligned with one another, and the upholstery is perfectly stitched. It also has a standard queen size. I had a twin bed before, so the space became a surreal experience for me. The bed stays in place, and I had no problems like feeling the parts shaking in the middle of the night. I would be dead asleep every night. It was the most restful sleep I have ever had since replacing the first bed. It is perfect with my mattress which is just some five inches thick.


What are the concerns/complaints you have with this product?

I was put off by the fact that the bed would come in pieces, meaning you would have to put it together like a puzzle. I don’t have a single idea about putting together a bed. I felt that it would be a pain before getting to sleep in it, and it would be a pain after I have put everything together and get to sleep in it. I was very nervous when I purchased it. I was still unimpressed when the box came, but I got on it, put the bed together, and hoped it was a good purchase. In the end, it became a memorable experience.

I have not found problems with it yet, but will update this section when I get problems with before the warranty expires.


Would you recommend us to other consumers?

Yes! I would be glad to. I talk about this bed a lot with my friends. If you’re a consumer, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a great find.


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