Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Premium Platform Bed with less than 3-inch spacing Wooden Slat Support Product Review

Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Premium Platform Bed with less than 3-inch spacing Wooden Slat Support Product Review

Please tell us about the Zinus product you purchased

I bought the Zinus upholstered button-tufted premium platform bed. It’s a bed that is worth considering. It costs more than $200, but it feels worth more than $200. I bought the queen size, and the Amazon page says it has “less than 3-inch spacing wooden slat support”. I’m not really sure how that spacing affects my sleep, but I have to note that it has a lovely headboard and framing. It comes in a grey colour, and while I was worried about that at first, the colour actually works with our red-orange walls.

For me, sleep is an integral part of life. While some people pay no attention to it, I believe that sleep actually can affect your judgment, your alertness, and can make you irritable and make your look older than you are (oh no!). You become less capable of exerting more energy to do strenuous activities, and you get less motivated to do work.

For me to get good sleep, I look at a lot of factors. I look at the design of the room, the environment, the quality of the bed and the mattress. All of these contribute to the quality of our sleep. These things affect our psyche. Some people can sleep in a noisy environment, some people can’t. Some prefer the room to be pitch black when they are going to sleep, some can sleep only if there is a nightlight. As for me, I can’t sleep with a wobbly bed.

The Zinus bed came in a box, which surprised me. I was expecting a humongous bed after all. It’s very amusing how they got to fit every part of the bed in a box that I swear would have fit our LED TV. Anyway, I had my husband assemble it, and it was as huge as I hoped it to be (it’s actually a standard queen size LOL). Some other beds felt like a twin bed when it was supposed to be a queen size. It’s a horrific shopping experience. You wouldn’t want me to elaborate on that.

Some parts of the bed including the support are wooden. The body and the headboard are upholstered, but I believe they’re made of steel since they’re as hard and heavy as steel.

Also, all Zinus beds come with a whopping five-year warranty, which is a very appealing offer if I must say.


What are the things you like about the Zinus product you purchased?

There was not a flaw in the upholstery, which is a thumb up. The whole thing was a puzzle. The framing of the bed was made assembling five boards. Then you put that together with the feet, then the headboard, and then the slats.

When my husband was done putting everything together, the lines it has were perfect. The frame was a perfect rectangle, and the boards were perfectly aligned with each other. The headboard is parallel to the wall and is perfectly fitted to the framing. The body of the bed is parallel to the floor. The bed also has a very good height even with a mattress as thick as 10 inches. The slats are parallel to one another, and they are also perfectly fitted to the framing. You just have to make sure you have snapped every part perfectly in place.

The platform bed is not in any way disappointing. It’s pretty in the bedroom. It’s sturdy. It doesn’t squeak or wiggle when we get on it. Our kids have a habit of jumping on the mattress when they get on our bed, and this passed their test. I could have heard the bed squeak, but that was the feet rubbing on the tiled floor. The framing did not squeak or wobble at all. It’s a very good find. I actually purchased the platform bed at a lower price because I coincidentally found it on Amazon while it had a discounted price. Make sure to check their page to find good prices.


What are the concerns/complaints you have with the Zinus product you purchased?

I’m not sure I’m a fan of assembling, but I’m impressed. I have no concerns other than that.


Would you recommend us to other consumers?

Yes, definitely! If you’re a consumer reading this review because you don’t know Zinus and you are looking for a new bed, this is truly worth looking at. I also didn’t know Zinus until now. It doesn’t hurt to sometimes turn to a new brand. Some brands like Zinus have good stuff, too. The good thing about new brands is that you are able to adapt to the changes in a fast-changing modern world. You get to witness innovation, and you get to enjoy quality products without having to let go of so much money the way you would if you opt for the brand everyone knows about.

Also, new brands listen to customers’ qualms and complaints. They make life easier for customers, because they are building relationships and want those relationships to last. One amazing thing about Zinus is that they’re giving their customers a five-year warranty. Five years, can you believe it? The last time I saw a warranty that promising was on an appliance. I don’t think they put that warranty there because they need to attract customers. I think they put that astonishing five-year warranty because they’re confident their products are as good as new even after four years. Their products are that good.

My husband and I enjoyed a great sleep in our new platform bed right off the bat. My husband loves the space and the structure. He is also ery particular when it comes to furniture. That’s why I was worried when I saw the bed come in a single planar box (it’s not a TV box!). We are still using the old mattress, but we’re now considering trying a Zinus mattress. I’m very much satisfied with the Zinus upholstered button-tufted premium platform bed with less than 3-inch spacing wooden slat support. It’s worth every penny.


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