Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Queen Product Review

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Queen Product Review

Please tell us about the Zinus product you purchased

I bought the button-tufted, upholstered platform bed. The upholstery comes in soft beige, which is very pleasing to the eyes. I have pastel-violet walls, so this piece completes the relaxing personality I wanted for a room. What I am particular about is the mattress, which may be wrong, because this is the first time that I can say I was able to maximize the experience that my expensive mattress could ever deliver.

I got the queen size, which may not differ much from the king size. I read some comments on Zinus beds, and some of the customers say they have some problems with the frames wobbling or falling apart. I didn’t have an experience like that. It could be a bad stock or something. I had my fiance fix the pieces, so it could also be that you just have to make sure you have put the pieces together properly.

The Zinus beds also come with a five-year warranty. If you have problems with the bed, just let them know.


What are the things you like about the Zinus product you purchased?

This is the first Zinus bed I have ever had. I haven’t known Zinus until this purchase. I’m not that particular when it comes to beds, but I suffer from insomnia. I can tell you that my experience with this bed just made me understand why some people are so nit-picky when it comes to beds. Since sleeping in this bed, I have had the most restful sleep I probably have ever had my entire life.

The bed came in a box, which sort of surprised me. I bought a bed before which has every part of it in steel. That came in pieces, too, so you’ll have put the things together. But my problem with that bed is that the frames became rusty, but I had that repainted and then again, until the screeches it made became unbearable.

Then I tried a wooden one. The wooden bed could have been a great experience, until I had plumbing problems in the bathroom. The water came into my room, and the experience was never the same again.

With the Zinus bed, I have a much better experience, if not the best, compared to the other beds I purchased in the past. I’m so blessed to have discovered this Amazon treasure before I get married to my fiancé. When we move to a bigger place, I am definitely purchasing beds for the rooms.

I have that bed for almost a month now, and I haven’t had problems with it in terms of squeaking, shaking, or anything like that. It’s sturdy. It’s parallel to the floor. It stays in place, and it’s perfect with my lovely mattress.

I was bewildered with my experience that I just had to research on how the bed could impact one’s sleep. I love the Zinus bed so much, that I decided to leave a review for them and for others who have trouble sleeping at night. I want them to know that if they’ve made the effort to redecorate their bedroom and dedicate their nights for aromatherapy, they should also look at the possibility of their bed being the one that kept them restless all night.

Fatigue is hard to battle, and yet you also have to go to work. You can’t be in bed all day and hope everything will fall on your lap. The only thing we could do is find the things that could help us get good asleep. I thought it was the mattress. It turned out it was the bed. I didn’t have sleep problems when I lived with my parents. I did ask for their advice, but they also didn’t think it was the bed. Also, if they have thought it was the bed, I wouldn’t be able to afford the kind of bed I have in my bedroom in parents’ home.

I regret having overlooked that fact, and couldn’t have figured that one out if I didn’t happen to see this bed while browsing Amazon for a new bed. I was even considering going to a shopping centre. I’m so glad my lazy bone kicked in.

The Zinus beds are lower in price compared to other brands. For about $250, you’ll have a high-quality bed to sleep in. It’s a good deal for me. The mattress support is made of wood, which could be the reason why it doesn’t creak. Also with a wooden support, I wouldn’t worry about it being in a concave form. I had that problem with the steel bed I bought the first time I moved into my apartment. Over time, the support collapsed. I just disregarded that as an amusing experience. It turns out I should have thrown that bed as soon as I noticed.

The framing of the Zinus bed is made of steel. It’s also upholstered, so you wouldn’t have problems with two steel boards rubbing against each other. It could have been a pain in the neck in the middle of the night to hear that screeching sound if it wasn’t upholstered. It has a good floor-to-frame distance. I have small container boxes under the bed. I am still able to put those cute boxes under this bed, and they look absolutely gorgeous with the appealing bed above it.


What are the concerns/complaints you have with this product?

I don’t have problems with it at the moment. If ever I get problems, I have a warranty I can use until it expires.


Would you recommend us to other consumers?

Yes! I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m so glad I found this bed before I ever got a hold of another bed that could have brought me another horrid experience with a limited budget.

To consumers like me, try this bed. I assure you you won’t regret it. It has a five-year warranty, so I suggest you try out every capability of the bed, like in terms of weight and all of those things you might do in bed while the warranty is still valid.


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