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My Winning Cooperate Hamper Ideas

Hampers are a great way to say thank you or reward your valued clients for their business and commitment to the company. The diversity of hampers out there ensures that you can tailor your hamper to the individual and with the extensive range of goodies inside ensures that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re buying for the wine connoisseur or a foodie there is a gift hamper for everyone. Care to provide a hamper to pamper? A hamper filled with beauty products and bath soaps is the perfect gift idea and will show the clients you care.

For the Sweet Tooth

Sweet treats are perfect for those that you know with a sweet tooth. The hampers come jam-packed with all the classics and more. They feature all your old favourites, from Whitaker’s chocolate to baked Florentines and are the ideal gift for the sweet treat fiend.

Pamper Hamper

This is a great gift for a person who appreciates their downtime. The Urban Rituelle ‘Inspire” Gift hamper features everything you need for a beautiful night in, taking a long hot bath and treating yourself to some Moet Champagne. The hamper also features a candle and bathrobes. Run the bath, open a bottle of Moet and light the scented candle, immerse yourself in the warm bubbly water and unwind to your heart’s content.

The Easter Office Party Hamper

The Easter office party hampers feature everything you need to entertain on the long Easter weekend. This hamper boasts Stella Artois beer and Chandon champagne. So there’s your drinks for the evening. What about Snacks? The hamper comes jam-packed with all your favourite party snacks that are loved by all. On top of that, there are a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs to provide for that inner child.

For Caffeine Fiend

For the coffee snob in the office, there are a variety of hampers on the market that cater to these bean loving people. The baskets feature some of the best coffee around and come complete with a mug, chocolate coated coffee beans, and delicious baked Florentines to be enjoyed when sipping down a steaming mug of aromatic coffee.

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The Beer Lover

The Crack A Coldie Hamper beer hamper is perfect for the quintessential beer loving Aussie. For that beer connoisseur in the group, the beer hamper features an array of the finest beers across the globe and some delicious beer snacks to complement the drinking experience. Crack a cold one and nibble on some pretzels and nuts as the sun recedes behind the cityscape.

The Whiskey Lover

Whiskey lovers are not forgotten. The classic Chivas Hamper features, that’s right, a bottle of Chivas Regal, a favourite amongst the whiskey drinking community. To compliment your whiskey, you will also receive some fine chocolates and olives. A great way to say thank you and the recipient will really appreciate it, as they’re kicking back after a hard day enjoying a snifter or two, and chowing down the delicious accompaniments.

The Princess

The princess of the set. For the client that fusses over their hair, always on the lookout for the latest trends in cosmetics. The princess takes pride in their appearance and will love the extensive range of hampers containing the latest and best beauty products on the market. Show the princess that you value them and give them something that will not only make them look good, but also feel good as well.

The Foodie

There’s always one in a group. The Foodie. A self-proclaimed connoisseur of the finer foods and is always boasting, around of his or her the latest restaurant find. The refined palette and critical taste buds won’t be disappointed with a gourmet food gift hamper. The extensive range of fine food hampers will ensure that even the fussiest of foodies will be satisfied – and who knows they might even boast about tucking into the hamper that you bought for them?

There’s a hamper for all of your corporate clients. This simple way of showing your appreciation will go a long way and the look of joy and contentment on your clients face as they receive the hamper will bring a smile to yours. Create a harmonious working relationship by showing your valued clients that you appreciate their business and ongoing relationship by giving the gift of a hamper.


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