Why You Need a Garden Shed

Sheds are popular structures in Australia and New Zealand. Although a shed is not a residence, it’s an important addition to a home. Garden sheds come in different shapes and sizes. The least expensive designs come in kit form. The kits are designed for easy assembly and don’t require any professional input. Other types of garden sheds are assembled offsite and delivered to their final location as ready-made units. Onsite construction of garden sheds is often done by professional builders. However, it can be taken up as a DIY project. Regardless of the mode of construction, garden sheds offer invaluable space to a home. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a quality garden shed.

Added storage space

If you have a congested garage or stuffed rooms, a garden shed can be the best way to declutter the main house. A properly designed garden shed offers ample storage space to put away certain items. Instead of dragging the lawnmower to the main house and tracking dirt with it, you can store all your garden equipment in the garden shed. Although garden sheds vary in sizes, a good design can maximize on storage. Moreover, the size of the garden shed can be designed according to specific storage requirements. If you have a lot of items to store, a large shed would be appropriate.

Extra working space

The primary purpose of a garden shed is to store gardening tools and other machinery. However, the shed can double up as a great working space. If you enjoy woodwork, pottery or metal work, the garden shed is the place to do it. Depending on the design of the shed, you can have a large working area and enough space to store all your power tools. Since children are curious, setting up your workspace inside the house may be dangerous. Having power tools lying around in the garage is also a recipe for disaster. Garden sheds keep dangerous tools and chemicals safely under lock and key away from children and untrained users. Moreover, woodwork, pottery and metalwork are messy hobbies. Setting up in the garden shed ensures your hobbies and DIY projects don’t make the main residence dirty.

Winter garden

Considering that many people use garden sheds for storage, its purpose as a gardening area is often overlooked. When winter hits, outdoor gardening is often impossible. However, if you want to continue with your gardening, a garden shed offers a great space for winter gardening. You can keep your potted plants in the shed and keep growing flowers and vegetables. The garden shed will definitely need detailed work on lighting and heating but the rewards are worth every penny.

Property value

A quality garden shed increases the sales value of a property. A shed also gives an additional boost if you are looking to secure rental income from your property. The better the design and quality of your shed the higher the value. Investing in a good construction from the preliminary phase pays off in the end. Moreover, the interior design of a garden shed provides room for installing fittings and additional amenities that make it a valuable additional space.An investment in a quality garden shed is guaranteed to pay back in money or in kind.

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