Why Engineered Timber Could Be For You

Why Engineered Timber Could Be For You

Year after year, more savvy homebuyers and designers are turning to the hardwood alternative, engineered timber, to create a stunning and durable room feature.


Steadily climbing into fashion and architectural look-books, engineered hardwood combines some of the most desirable features of hardwood with incredible versatility and affordability.


Why Engineered Timber Flooring Could Be For You


With more design opportunities and designs available, why not discover how engineered timber can suit your home and budget – read on to find out more.


What is engineered hardwood?

Engineered timber contains a core of layered and glued fragments of hardwoods and softwoods with a top layer of a hardwood veneer.


Today, engineered hardwood is finished in a number of specialty wood species, colours and grains to suit any design needs.


How does the product differ from solid hardwood?

Because of its construction, engineered hardwood often provides more versatility and resilience for homeowners:

  • Easy installation
    Engineered timber can be glued directly down onto concrete slabs or used as a floating floor.


  • Durability against the elements
    Whereas solid hardwood can and does buckle and warp as seasons change, the interlocking glued structure that creates the core of engineered boards, resists the natural swelling and shrinking of fibres when exposed to moisture. This makes engineered board perfect for humid locations or areas with dramatic seasonal change.


  • Greater insulation
    Unlike solid hardwood, engineered timber won’t swell, split or shrink to create premature wear and tear. Solid hardwood can pull away from walls, force open joints and separate from neighbouring boards to weaken the integrity of the insulation seal.


  • Better protection against allergens
    Often offering a smoother and more durable flooring seal, engineered timber can make it easier for households to manage dust and allergens with easier cleaning and maintenance.


  • Suitable for in-floor heating
    For homeowners looking to install or have existing radiant floor heating, engineered timber’s resistance to moisture is a perfect alternative to carpet, tiling and linoleum – but we always recommend customers to check with the heating provider before installation.


  • Versatile for all budgets
    Available in a host of species, veneer thicknesses, widths and plank lengths, engineered timber can work with most budgets. This means that no matter how large or particular your project, you can find a suitable option for any room!


What is not possible with engineered timber?

One of the best attributes of solid hardwood is the ability to repeatedly sand, polish and re-seal floors to an as-new shine.


Depending on the engineered timber product purchased, there are limitations on whether homeowners can sand and polish their boards. Generally, top-end engineered boards contain a thicker veneer of timber that can allow multiple refinishes.


What happens if the engineered timber is damaged?

While buffing out damage in engineered hardwood is not always possible, damaged boards can be easily and quickly resolved.


Because of the relatively easy installation process, most installation experts recommend entirely removing and replacing damaged boards with colour and grain-matched product.


How long does engineered timber last?

Depending on daily wear and tear, engineered timber will last many years – with boards containing thicker veneers offering greater durability and versatility long-term.


With lots of options available for heavy-duty areas, if you need any guidance on choosing the best product for your home please speak to one of our expert installers.


What are the different options for engineered timber?

Engineered timber is available in many species in lots of lengths, widths, finishes and stains. This makes engineered timber easy to match with a host of interior palates and architectural designs.


In addition, the quality pre-finish makes engineered timber simple to install and easy to move into.


Engineered hardwood floors can create a stunning, new dimension to your home design. Combining affordability, durability and style, homeowners can create a breathtaking environment that maximises liveability without compromising on quality.


Versatile enough to work with traditional-style cottages, beach houses, and more modern abodes, engineered timber boards are ideally suited for humid locations and households managing allergies.


If you would like to know more about picking the right engineered timber board for your home; or you’re looking for some guidance on what sort of products would be best suited to your family, speak to our experts today.


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