Where Do Stone Mosaics Work Best in Your Home?

Have you been pouring over images of glam stone mosaics wondering just where you can make them work for you in your home? How can you incorporate them? Well, then this is the article for you!

Although we know that it’s totally up to you where you decide to put in mosaic stone tiles, we thought we’d compile a list of where other people generally like to put them, to give you a little bit of inspiration.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list!


Anywhere in the bathroom

Mosaics are typically used anywhere there is water – and where is there more water than in the bathroom? Many people choose to do their whole shower recess in mosaics, be they in deep blues or greens, or more modern browns and greys. They can provide a beautiful feature if used correctly.

They can also be used on walls, floors, or pretty much anywhere else in the bathroom, and often are too – whether it’s just for a small feature, or for an entire wall, if you’ve got a small bathroom.


Another “water-inspired” placing for mosaics is on splashbacks or backsplashes – whatever you would like to call them! This is behind sinks and other wet areas, such as kitchen benches against walls in the kitchen. You’ll find a lot of fancy tiling often goes here, and mosaics can be a great addition. Choose colours that blend in with the surrounds for the perfect mix.

Vertical strips down walls

Want a “feature wall” but don’t want a whole feature wall? Then you might like to add in a vertical mosaic strip. A mosaic strip from floor to ceiling, or from ceiling to your bench height, can add a little bit of jazz to an area without being too overwhelming. People like to add these in colours that pop, to make them really stand out. Usually, it will be just one vertical strip, at a width that suits the space, although you can add multiple vertical strips to make it really interesting if you like.

Where Do Stone Mosaics Work Best in Your Home


Wall borders

Often rooms have a border, at around hip height, separating the top of a wall from the bottom of a wall. Often you will have one colour painted above this border and one painted below. This can be a good spot to add a horizontal strip of mosaics that goes around the whole room. While this is generally in bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens, you can also put one in other areas of the house too.

Your pool

Of course, the pool! Many older pools are completely decked out in mosaics, which makes for a gorgeous, glittery surface throughout the entire pool. Thanks to modern adhesives, we can happily mosaic the entirety of our pools without having to worry about the stones coming loose for many years to come. If you are planning on putting in a swimming pool or refurbishing an old one, then consider mosaics as your surfacing choice.

An outdoor shower

Similar to how we’d use mosaics in an indoor shower, we can also choose to put mosaics in an outdoor shower as well. Outdoor showers are having a surge in popularity as we seek to add that really tropical vibe to our gardens. Putting in an outdoor shower is a refreshing welcome when it comes to those warm summer months, and is a particularly good addition if you already have a swimming pool, hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa bath. You can mosaic tile the whole outdoor shower, or simply put in one wall of mosaics, whether it’s the back wall or one of the sides.

There are really an infinite number of places that you can use mosaic stone tiles, both inside and outside of your home. You don’t need to simply follow what others have done, you can come up with some new creative places to put them to make a striking difference to your surrounds.


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