What’s New In Lounge Room Décor

What’s New in lounge Room Décor

In a club or social space, a lounge is the VIP section, with its exclusive appeal and high-end décor. In your home, a lounge is the cosiest room in the house and is mainly used for relaxation and entertaining. It could be your living room or your TV room, but you can add a touch of elegance to it with carefully selected leather lounge furnishing. Let’s look at some of the current trends in decorating your favourite room in the house.


What’s New In Lounge Your Room Décor


Single-seater lounge chairs

Traditionally, a living room would have a three-seater couch, or maybe a love seat, if you were a young couple. These days, a lot of people live on their own, and even family set-ups sometimes like the personal space and ownership of a ‘favourite chair’ just for themselves. So instead of multi-seater lounges, many homes have a set of armchairs and pouffes instead.

It’s impractical to have one for every family member, but it’s viable to have three or four armchairs scattered around your lounge. Some popular single-seater options include red leather Bellina, blue leather Gina, or grey tweed Bella and Flora, with their buttoned backs, comforting armrests, and distinct wooden legs.

Add a touch of shine

Contemporary design is characterised by stainless steel finishing and gleaming chrome accents. It doesn’t seem possible to introduce these elements to your lounge décor without sacrificing the homely feeling, but you can introduce metallic elements through lampshades, vases, or trinkets like fruit trays, candy bowls, and table-top ornaments. You can also get an L-shaped lounge like Brio, with its recliner, fold-out bed, and hidden storage compartment.

Another popular choice is armchairs with glossy metal feet, with or without a swivel option. They could have traditional fabric fuss or modern bucket designs, depending on the overall mood you’d like to create. Italian imports that rest on silvery legs include the high backed Electa with its cross-shaped stainless steel base, Prince with its extendable footrest and round solid metallic base, and Archy with its spindly metallic criss-crossing feet.

Splashes of colour

Usually, elegance is defined as subtle shades and conservative styling, while bright colours and playful fabrics are considered quirky and youthful. Sometimes, you can get away with both. For instance, genuine leather is a stately décor choice, but you can add a touch of cheek with Aria armchairs, bright yellow single-seaters with shiny metal swivelling feet.

If you’re feeling really bold, and you’d rather dive straight into the quirky, get a Grant Featherston Contour Lounge Chair with its multi-coloured patchwork backrest and a matching footstool. It was initially designed in 1951 by this famed Australian interiors specialist, but you can get a pretty good replica online.

Seating and sleeping

Your lounge room is a good place for a nap, when you need some quiet time, cordoned off from the rest of your household. It’s also a cosy, convenient space to accommodate overnight guests. They can get a good night’s sleep, but won’t be so cosy that they refuse to leave (as is often the case with en-suite guest rooms).

You could go halfsies with recliners they can lie back in, or make a full commitment to a sofa-bed. The Donatella lounge is made from glossy blue leather and has an electric recliner function, as do Giulia, Dolphin, and Ester. At the sofa-bed end, try the bright red Alcova from Italy, or swing to Sweden for Friheten from Ikea. It comes either as a regular three seater or an L-shaped corner lounge with hidden storage compartments.

Make space

If you’d like your lounge to look large and airy, paint the walls white and invest in comfy grey lounge chairs. As you sink into the seats, the room will seem much bigger. For the rest of the furniture, use pale non-upholstered wooden pieces for the tables, lampstands, stools, shelves, and picture frames. The walls and pale wood reflect light, creating an illusion of bright roominess. Instead of stuffing your room with accessories, use a few potted plants.

Real plants are helpful for cleaning the air and making the room feel as airy as it looks, but you can also opt for artificial herbs and flowers. They offer all the function and none of the fuss. Zinus makes some lovely wood furniture, so it’s a good starting point for that simple, unspoiled appeal and a pocket-friendly price.

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