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What is Property Styling?

Property styling is the process of revamping and improving your home to make it more pleasant to potential buyers. This is essential when trying to trade a property because it creates an excellent first impression and also aids in selling the house at a reasonable price.

The following are factors that you should consider when styling your property.

Center On Living Areas

People spend most of their time in living rooms than in other areas in the house. You need to put more effort when decorating living rooms as it is the centre of attention for most purchasers. The lounge and the front yard should also be considered as they are always seen first. Make sure that they are good-looking to the buyer.

The Buyers

The styling of a house should be in such a way that it excites the buyer. Different individuals have different tastes and preferences depending on their age, the location of the house, and its current conditions. As a homeowner, you should look to ensure the way the property is designed suits the buyers’ demand, which includes the size of the family, their profession, and other possible requirements.


The property needs to look stylish but also livable since this gives a sense of comfort and also belonging to the homeowners. This can be done by replacing the old furniture with new ones, to ensure that the house has a stylish feel. Next, you need to get rid of untidiness as this helps in improving the look of the room and also increases the space available.

The Property Styling Process

After considering the above factors, you need to follow the steps below when styling your property. They are;

Before Sale Consultation

Here, the buyers are asked about their tastes and what they prefer to have in the homes of their dream. This includes the installations and the finishing touches that are to be applied to the home. The size of the house will determine how long the consultation will last. Ask your agent of the preferences of the buyer so that you know how to stage your home attractively.

Partial or Full Styling

Not all properties will require full styling; some can do with partial reconditioning. Those that require partial styling usually have minor damages or need small upgrades. Another reason is the lack of sufficient funds. Partial styling should be discouraged as it is uneconomical in the long run.

Available Packages

Packages are usually open to suit the individual demands of the clients and also the style of the house. Different properties have unique styles; hence, they will require different packages. Each stylist has their unique offerings, and the choice depends on the preference of the targeted buyers.

Advantages of Property Styling

  • It appeals to the public as the image of the property is improved
  • It has the advantage of having an expert selection
  • It is an easy way of filling an empty house
  • It makes the house unique from the rest in the market
  • It attracts more potential buyers
  • It enhances the perceived value of the home

Disadvantages of Property Styling

  • It is expensive


Although it is costly, property styling has more advantages than disadvantages. If you’re planning to sell your house, you should hire a professional stylist.

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