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The Weber’s can Handle A Big Cook Off

50 years ago, the first Weber kettle BBQ was built and today it is considered as an Australian Icon. Way back then it literally changed Australian attitudes to barbequing forever. It was amazing, for the first time this new indirect cooking method allowed families to roast a whole joint of meat – outside – in a BBQ and with that delicious melt in your mouth barbeque flavour.

Today it’s that very distinct barbeque flavour that sets the Weber BBQ apart from all the other barbeques on sale in Australia. It is for this reason that the Weber BBQ is today considered a truly Australian icon. Ask anyone and they will agree that the Weber BBQ is known for the ability to cook spectacular food, which leads to some memorable entertaining.

Weber BBQ’s today come in a varied range including the portable Kettle, the smoker series and gas BBQ’s, and it’s that amazing cooking system that makes the Weber BBQ range so popular. Using two fires rather than one, fat from the meat you are cooking falls into a disposable drip tray, this means you get a better fat free roast without any flame flare ups. This type of cooking is called *indirect* this means your food is cooked using the natural convection (heat build up with the lid closed – just like the oven in your home) without any fire directly below the meat. Your Weber BBQ simply cooks the most amazing roast – every time, and you hardly have to do a thing. This style of cooking means you don’t even have to turn your meat, and you still get that amazing, juicy BBQ flavour.

If charcoal style BBQ’s are your preferred cooking method thanks to Weber you can just about *build* the BBQ of your dreams. It all starts with the heavy gauge cooking grill which has a removable insert – and this is where all the fun begins! Simply remove the insert and replace it with anyone of a number of Weber BBQ system accessories, all designed so you can cook anything you want, from adding a wok or pizza stone to a flat plate, what you cook is limited only to your own imagination.

Unlike BBQ’s of the past, all Weber barbeques are designed to cook with the lid down. While that might take a while for you to get use to, it means you can cook anything. Cooking with the lid closed allows you to cook food faster, if you are using one of the BBQ’s from the Weber gas BBQ range, your food will be juicier, there are less flare-ups AND you can use your Weber BBQ like an oven to bake or roast your food – all with that amazing flavour!

As food cooks fat and juices drip off and down onto the flavouriser bars or charcoal, as the fats sizzle and smoulder they turn into smoke which adds that amazing flavour to your food. When you cook with the lid down to trap that smoke inside your BBQ that leaves you with food that has that smoky BBQ flavour. It’s a flavour you simple can not capture on an open BBQ, in your oven or when using a frying pan.

With the lid down, you create convection heat which bounces off the lid and body of the BBQ circulating it, this heat roasts the top of your meat while the other side is searing over the heat, with the top of your food roasting the sides and bottom of the food is sealed, locking in all those amazing juices

What sets your Weber BBQ apart is being able to use it to roast and bake this means you can roast anything whole – chicken, whole fish, roasts or bake foods like bread, pastries and cakes all on your BBQ. When you cook with the lid down heat from the fire isn’t being lost into the open air, so your grill stays hotter and your BBQ works more efficiently. When your food cooks faster, your BBQ doesn’t have to be on for as long, and you save gas! For example, if you are cooking steak, it’s roasting on one side and searing on the other side, so it is now cooking faster, and more evenly than it would if you were cooking on an open BBQ.

When you cook with the lid down less oxygen is inside the BBQ reducing the chance of flare-ups, if you keep your BBQ cleaned and well maintained the chance of flare-ups is reduced.

The Weber BBQ is an amazing BBQ and it can handle anything you *throw at it* from a small BBQ lunch to a huge cook off the Weber BBQ range does it all.


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