How to Warm Up a Marble Bathroom This Winter

Marble. It’s notoriously cool to the touch which can be an absolute blessing in summer while padding around your home barefoot. But in winter? It’s usually a completely different story. Now, while many people may not have marble throughout their entire homes, a lot of us have marble throughout our bathrooms. This is because not only is it a great wet area material and easy to clean, it is also particularly classy and chic.

However, in winter, a marble bathroom may just fill you with dread. Getting up to go to the loo in the middle of the night might be even to make your toes curl in anticipation of the freezing cold floor. So, what’s a good way to heat up a marble bathroom in winter? There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a steaming hot shower only to be freezing a mere second later.

Try out these ideas in your bathroom to help keep things warm.

Underfloor heating – the luxurious option

The absolute best way to warm up a marble bathroom in winter is by installing underfloor heating beneath the surface of the stone. Marble is a good conductor of heat, but it can take a while to warm up. If you have the means and are dedicated to a warm marble bathroom in winter, or you haven’t put your marble flooring in yet, then underfloor heating can be a great way to go.

Underfloor heating can be placed in any room in the home, not just the bathroom, so you might like to consider this option if you are building and live in a particularly cold area, or feel the cold more than other people.

Put down extra plush bathroom mats – for cheaper underfoot heating

If underfloor heating for your marble isn’t an option, the next best thing to help keep your feet warm is thick bathroom mats. These mats provide a barrier between your feet and the marble so that you won’t feel the cold through them. Make sure to choose mats that are thick, so you won’t feel the cool marble, and make sure to wash them often so that they don’t get mouldy or dirty.

Mats are substantially cheaper than underfloor heating, and you can often find them on sale at homewares stores. The long pile mats are generally a good choice underfoot in the bathroom as they feel nice with bare feet. Pick up a few so that you have coverage for all the parts that you walk on in your bathroom.

How to Warm Up a Marble Bathroom This Winter

Heat lamps – for an electric solution to heat the room

Many people now have dual purpose lights and heat lamps in their bathrooms to help stay toasty in the wintertime. While heat lamps aren’t exactly going to warm up your tootsies, they will be able to keep the rest of the room nice and warm. A lot of these are actually quite powerful, so you can remain warm once you jump out of that shower.

These heat lamps will need to be installed by a qualified electrician. You can put them on before you are going to have your shower and then switch them off once you’re all done in the bathroom. Be careful about leaving them on, as it can make your power bills shoot up, too.

Heated towel racks – heat your towels instead

Remember when we were talking about getting a chill as soon as you jump out of the shower? If you install a heated towel rail, then this won’t be the case. A heated towel rack will keep your towels lovely and warm for when you jump out of the shower. It will be like being enveloped by a nice warm blanket as soon as you step out.

Like the heat lamps that we mentioned previously, a heated towel rack will need to be installed by a qualified electrician. Just make sure that you get dressed quickly after drying off, as your towels don’t stay warm for all that long after they’ve come off the rack.

There are many different ways in which you can warm up a marble bathroom over winter – you don’t just need to be shivering with cold every time that you step in the room! There is such a thing as having a warm marble floor, if you know the right touches to add. Using a combination of these touches together will ensure you never get too cold in your marble bathroom, while still enjoying all the aesthetic beauty that marble has to offer.

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