Oversized Timber Floor Boards

The Visual Effect of Oversized Timber Boards

Natural timber flooring is the ideal way to give your home a rustic look while embracing the beauty and randomness that nature has to offer. Timber floorboards are a reminder of yesteryear and each knot, each imperfection tells a story into the tree of life.

Timber flooring is a practical choice for your home. Timber Floor Board come in an array of different sizes and timbers and each one has its own distinct look and feel. Larger floorboards show off more of the timber grains and enhance the overall size and feel of the room. One could liken it to a sweeping effect if that means anything to you.

Big floorboards in big rooms create a sense of openness and grandeur. The grain of the wood steals the show and it’s easy to get lost in the natural veins and knots. They also have smoother, less busy appeal than skinnier floorboards. It all depends on the look you’re going after. Large floorboards are mainly used for large spaces and that’s where they look best. In big grandiose rooms that really shine with the use of the oversized board.

Don’t get me wrong, small floorboards still look great. It’s like comparing blue cheese to aged cheddar, they are both delicious but in totally different ways. Small floorboards have a more uniformed look and create patterns within patterns which look great in their own regard. That’s the beauty of timber. If you have a scout online, you will see some examples of the creativity and lengths that some people went using multiple different sizes and types of timber to create visual stunning floors.

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Choosing a Size

Small floorboards are generally more sturdy once installed as they hold structural integrity when pressured is applied by, i.e. walking. The pressure is dispersed between the floorboards more evenly. Small floorboards have the ability to make a small room appear larger.

The structural integrity of floorboards depends on the type of wood and the locational atmosphere. Smaller floorboards are suited to subtropical and tropical climates because the timber moves with atmospheric cycles. In hot weather, the timber will expand and move slightly and in cold weather they will contract. Smaller or narrower floorboards are more forgiving to extreme changes in the climate.

Larger floorboards or oversized floorboards will provide a decadent feel to any room but they are best used in medium to larger rooms for optimum visual effect. They are suited to a neutral climate as they can be susceptible to warping in extreme weather conditions, although this is rare.

The visual appeal of oversized floorboards is unchallenged in my opinion. The decadence of a nice polished wood is easy on the eye and creates an atmosphere the instant you walk into a room decked out in some fine mahogany perhaps a nice natural oak sourced from reclaimed timber that still bears the marks and notches that tell the story of history. There is a rich history of woodworking and craftsmanship within our nation from the pioneers using timber to create their houses to the architectural masterpieces that are standing today. The use of wood has been longstanding for a reason. It’s a beautiful building material that is versatile, durable and preferred choice by many builders throughout the country.

Not just for flooring but for building complete structures that never cease to amaze. Wood is a gift from nature and has many benefits apart from its beauty.

Wood is easy to keep clean. All you need is a broom. Any liquid spill wipes right off. The only downside of wood is that they are vulnerable to scratches here and there but they can be sanded back and returned to their natural splendour without a problem.

Oversized flooring is definitely worth considering when it comes time to choosing a floor for your home, especially for big rooms. If your chasing a rustic, elegant appeal they will certainly do the job. The hardest part is choosing which species of timber to use.


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