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Underground Water Tanks: A Solution for Limited Spaces

Water supply is a necessity for all. This is especially true for places around the world such as Australia, India, and Asia to name a few, where drought is a serious problem. This is one of the reasons that has pushed people to innovate. Drought and water shortages is the primary reason why water storage came into existence. Water storage has even been found to have existed in the Indus Valley Civilization as early as 3000 to 1500 BC.

Fast forward to the 20th Century, water storage is no longer the only choice for water supply. There are a number of options including: a water supply system or; a modernized product we call “cisterns” or “water tanks.”  Metered water systems are readily available in urbanized areas while water tanks are actually very popular in areas where water systems are unavailable, such as the suburbs.

If your area is prone to drought or water supply restrictions, then getting a water tank is essential. They are also very good for water conservation and for the environment because water tanks can also store rainwater and most likely aid in, if not solve a water crisis when there is a water shortage or drought. Getting a water tank is also really helpful in lowering your water supply bill. It may cost big bikkies at first but you’ll get a bang for your buck in the long run when you have a water cistern.

Not to mention Australia’s current big dry which is absolutely devastating. Just this July 2019, The Guardian said that, 96% of New South Whales is still affected by drought. They also mentioned that Keepit and Split Rock Dam, the important water sources for Naomi Valley, including Walgett, have only 1% and 2.2% capacity respectively. Farmers are heavily affected by drought with them struggling to keep cattle alive.

There are many kinds and sizes of water tanks. Water tanks are made with different kinds of materials depending on what you need the water for and how much. Contents of water tanks can be used for cleaning, drinking, cooking, washing, gardening and it can even store potable water. If you want to get a water tank, then there are a few things to consider such as: the purpose the water is for; the material the tank is made of; how many people will be using it; the size of the water tank and; where you will put it.

If you have a limited amount of space, then your best option is the underground water tank. Underground water tanks are great because it serves your water supply needs as well as gives you more space in your yard or if you have a business, it allows you to make the most out of the value of your commercial space. Underground water tanks can also help you make your property more aesthetically pleasing.         

Since underground water tanks are stored away from heat and sunlight, algae and microbial growth is unlikely. Adding a filter to the tank is also an option you can consider when you want to reuse the water stored in the tank. The weather is not an issue with an underground water tank, which means that the water stored in it is not affected by heat or freezing temperatures. During winter, having an underground water tank is actually ideal. Of course, you must consider the maintenance of the water tank and the material it’s made of. A pump is also an essential when you have a tank and electricity is needed for it to operate. You might also be interested in the fact that the government offers rebates for installing a water tank.

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