Trends in Outdoor Spaces for 2017

We’re well into the first quarter of the year and it doesn’t feel that new anymore. That said, it’s not too late to revamp your outdoor spaces and try something a little different to give your yards and verandas a fresh look. You can do this in remarkably simple ways that won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg.

One easy way to shape up your yard is to take a look at your outdoor furniture. Usually, when homeowners are selecting yard furniture, they only think about the practical matters. They want to use simple, all-weather furnishings that are easy to clean and require no maintenance. Unfortunately, this often results in dull, uninspiring pieces.

Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive. One trend that is turning outdoor heads this year is pottery. The beautiful red-ochre appearance blends perfectly with any outdoor setting, and the kiln-baked terra cotta constructions are resistant to sunlight, water, and the wind.

These clay pots are gorgeous on their own, but their style can be merged with functionality. They come in a variety of designs and you can choose the shape you want, based on what you want to use it for. A terra cotta pot can be used as a bird bath, a hanging vine holder, a flower vase, or even a container for cool, earthen-flavoured drinking water. Just be sure to boil the water first, keep it covered, and replace it twice a day.

Natural materials are in for outdoor spaces, with cane and rattan making a strong appearance. Cane furniture has the advantage of being weatherproof, easy to clean, and versatile. It can be used in its nude unadulterated shades or it can be highlighted with some paint, colour, or soft furnishings. A simple quilt or some fringe and frill can give your cane chair and tables an extra touch of personality.

Of course, there are other ways to keep outdoor furniture safe from the weather. One slightly more cumbersome option is to simply bring the furniture indoors. Bean bags are an easy, affordable way to cosy up your outdoor spaces. They’re lovely for sitting, lounging or reading, and can add some energy and colour to your porch. And when the sky starts to look overcast, you can simply pick them up and bring them inside where they will stay clean, fresh, and dry.

On that note, there’s an upcoming trend of combining the outdoors and the indoors to create a new mix-and-match feel. Furniture and construction methods that were previously found in kitchens and family rooms are now making their way outdoors.

It’s becoming more and more common to find luxurious sofas, leather upholstery, granite surfaces, throw rugs, pillows and cushions in outdoor spaces. While these outdoor accessories need a lot more care, attention, and indoor shifting in case of rain, they give patios, verandas and balconies a cosy, homey feel, especially when combined with a fire pit or movable hearth.

In line with this indoor-outdoor meshing trend, colour is a new direction in outdoor décor. In the past, most external relaxation areas were done in neutral, earthy tones, greens and browns that mimicked their natural surroundings. But as the indoors step into the light, the bright, vibrant colours of comfortable home living are finding their way into the sun.

Colour is being introduced into outdoor spaces through tasteful accessories like fabric tufts, throw pillows, lanterns, lampshades, wind chimes, glassware, sculpture, and other small items that add a splash of unexpected warmth to spaces.

Texture also comes into place with these tasteful pieces. Delicately woven fabric and intricately carved designs in wood, metal, and clay are elevating standard outdoor décor into an art form in itself, and as 2017 marches on, style is successfully meeting function in outdoor spaces.


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