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Top 5 Ways to Style your Deck

There are many types of decks and alfresco that could be useful with extra space for relaxing in your home. Apart from the traditional porch, you can have a curved deck, pool deck and even an all-rounded deck. One can spruce up the flooring with various materials like pine, wood or composite. Modern railings have become popular with use of metal balusters, glass, PVC and cable railings as well. Here are a few ways you could style your deck and add a personal touch.

Multi-Level Deck

If you have a large house with multiple floors, you could up your ground-level deck to an upper story deck. Each nook can be used differently. The design would look good with built-in benches on one level and chaises on the other. It is both intimate and open if you have company.

An upper story deck with a staircase will add dimension to the deck and will complement the house’s architecture. A rooftop deck is large and open, leaving plenty of space for dining and relaxing. With stackable chairs and low durable table, to provide a beautiful area for entertaining and provide extra seating.

Deck around a Fire place

A fire table where you can light up fires would provide a cosy space to unwind and warm-up. Built-in benches would be great around the fire if you’re entertaining. If you prefer a fire pit, the outdoor vibe of a fire in the open air would be perfectly ideal. The sunken fire pit also gives the illusion of more open space.

First, you have to consider local ordinances that dictate the use of open fires in the home. Choose a gas-fired pit or propane pit to minimise the dangers of stray sparks lighting up random fires around. A fire pit deck would leave guests lingering in its ambience long after dinner.

Pergola on your Deck

A pergola is a garden feature that provides shade. It also acts as a structure to support the growth of climbing plants like vines. This would give your deck a great tropical vibe! Adding some candles and lanterns or string lights would add to the décor beautifully, especially after sunset.

A deck with an overhang expands the seating area for you to consider a built-in bar. It provides shade to a sunny pen area while giving you a bit of privacy. This could prove useful if there is a built-in hot tub as it blocks views and drowns out the wind. Turn it into a comfy lounge spot with lots of greenery and high outdoor lights.

Deck Floors

The material on the flooring of your deck varies, and this depends on various things. Composite wood deck is long-lasting and require very low maintenance. However, you can get gorgeous tiles at a low cost. They are also very easy to clean and have beautiful colourful designs and patterns.

Use of Railings

Decks that are low and just a step above ground look good without a railing. A creative way is to use a fixed bench around the deck to act as a boundary. Apart from the classic wooden railing, use stainless steel cables to allow your guests to take in the beautiful views. Glass railings have wind protection and offer incredible views.

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