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Tips To Keep Your Brisbane Home Clean And Fresh

Chores are mostly a drag, unless you’re one of those freaks who gets satisfaction from wiping down a bench. Although I do like a clean benchtop! Anyway, doing chores is time-consuming and inhibits you from enjoying the finer things in life. I recognised this fact a long time ago and I have developed some techniques to ease the suffering and laborious pain that cleaning the house brings upon the backs of those who attempt this treacherous feat. Be warned though, the path to victory is paved with dirt, filth, grime, and dust. The best approach to the endeavour is to break it into sections and in this post that’s exactly what I’ll do.

The Kitchen

My first genius tip is for cleaning the microwave. Fill a bowl with water about an inch from the top. Then set the microwave on high for three minutes or until the water is boiled. The steam from the boiling water will loosen all the dirt and grime and make your life easier when it comes time to wipe it out.

Another good idea is to get a really big bowl for all those miscellaneous goods that get left on the benchtop or on the fridge. So whenever you get home and empty your pockets of coins, keys, and phone you can throw it straight in the bowl.

I am a big believer in having nature around me as much as possible, so houseplants are an essential in my house. Not only do houseplants clean the air, they also make the house seem homelier and inviting. A plant on the kitchen bench or windowsill is a must.

When it comes to removing baked on grease and burnt cheese on pots and pans, try soaking them in warm water with two tablespoons of vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will break down dirt and grime and then it’s simply a matter of feeling the endorphins flow through your body as the grease is removed effortlessly with the swipe of a sponge.

Open Your Curtains

Allow as much natural light into your home as possible during the day. Natural sunlight will help keep your home fresh. Mould and bacteria likes to grow in dark damp places and the natural light from the sun will prevent mould from growing in your home.

Vacuum the Floor

Always be sure to clean your carpets at least twice a week to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt that can get into the air and be inhaled by you and your family. It’s also not a bad idea to get the professionals in once a month to clean and shampoo your carpet. A clean and shampoo will remove all the fine particles and leave your carpets looking new.

Clean the Fridge

This is an important one. The fridge has the capacity to stink up the entire house if left unattended. Remove all the expired food and wipe the fridge down with some warm soapy water. Then wipe it out again with some water and vinegar solution. This will remove any unwanted smells.

Tricks with Salt

Salt is a great natural cleaning agent and can be used in a wide variety of cleaning applications, because it has the ability to draw in air and expand, much like those desiccant packets you get in the bottom of some types of foods.

Salt mixed with vegetable oil is great for removing moisture related build up stains around sinks in the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen.

If you own a garbage disposal, run some lemon rind and water through it to dispel nasty odours and leave your sink smelling fresh.

There are endless tips on the internet, but common sense will tell you that cleaning the house requires constant attention and it’s best to clean as you go along, rather than wait until it becomes unbearable. The only way to keep up is to put the time and energy into cleaning your house. On the upside, the endorphins released with give you feelings of achievement and satisfaction.

But thankfully, there is a way to receive these endorphins, bypassing the insufferable chores and having a clean house. Send in the big guns. The people with the plan and the equipment. That’s right, the professional cleaners. These guys will swoop in while you’re at work and take care of all your cleaning business, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a sparkling clean house. The tricks and tips are fun to try, but the novelty wears thin pretty fast. I wish I had time to have two professions, but one is enough for now – and I prefer the one that pays my bills. Hiring a professional also allows me to spend more time doing the things I love.

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