Tips to Improve Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the things that people tend to overlook simply because it’s a room that most guests would not be able to see. Your bedroom should be designed according to how you move around it, and decorating should depend on what would calm down your senses and draw all the fuss out of your mind.


Bedroom decoration is not just about the paintings on the wall, the flowers on the dresser, or the carpeting or the rug. It is also about other elements in a bedroom: the bed, the mattress, the wardrobe and other cabinets, the dresser, among other things. Together, they will present a personality, or a theme. It will tell the person entering the room that the owner of that room may be a woman or a girl, a man or a boy, that person’s likes and dislikes, and the things that matter to them.


Psychologists have acknowledged design and colors may affect mood. Therefore, the design or pattern found in the room should be chosen specifically, so the right mood would be set. You can have three sets of patterns and designs in the room, but take care of the possibility of making the room having a design that is busy. If you have a busy design in the bedroom, that may end up in a muddled atmosphere rather than a soothing one. Designing is about being able to see the elements in detail and as a big picture. Design will fail if the elements are wrongly combined, and if the design you came up with is boring.


The bedroom needs to be designed as meticulously as you would your bathroom and your kitchen. Setting the right theme and mood will greatly affect the quality of sleep of the owner. The design and colors must depend on what will look to be inviting and relaxing to them. Hotels are able to give their guests an unforgettable experience this way.


Think about your likes. What dominates among all these likes? Do you want it to be a simple modern room with solid colors and minimal accents? Do you want your bedroom to have a feel of a farmhouse? Drafting is an excellent way to look at your design in detail and as a big picture. You can make changes accordingly, and you can use it to have a better grasp of the project and be able to stick to the plan.

12 Tips to Improve Your Bedroom





These are one of the things you see first once you get inside a bedroom. They deliver an invite and a warm welcome. You can draw that feeling by putting into consideration its colors, its overall appearance (size, fluffiness, etc.), and how it complements the quilt, the mattress, among other things you have in the bed. These will set a vibe and contribute to the overall experience of the user. For example, you may push a twin bed to a wall, place large throw pillows on it and hide the pillows you would use at night. You will give a picture to the user that the bed serves as a sofa bed or a nap couch.



QUILTThe quilt contributes to the mood setting apart from putting together the personality for the room. It tells whether the user prefers oriental or Western style, and whether they prefer a modern or old-fashioned accents. Old-fashioned quilts have more colors and patterns in them.




Mattresses vary in terms of thickness and design. A Western-inspired room have thicker mattresses, while some old-fashioned Asian beds have thinner mattresses so as to bring the eyes to accentuate the structure and design of the bed and ensure the bed remain cool and comfortable as some Asian countries have a warmer climate. Modern mattresses may be thick or slightly thick, depending on what theme the bedroom is leaning toward. Sometimes, it just depends on the preferences of the owner.



BEDThe bed is the most important element of the room. It is not only a décor. It is where you get to recharge your energy. The body and mind get to be rejuvenated and renewed after a good sleep. The bed serves as the frame for the mattress. Thus, the bed should bring you comfort, and help you get a restful sleep or nap. It affects the quality of sleep greatly, and so it should not be purposely overlooked.

Look at the structure, and the design. The bed is one of the elements that can set a theme. If you opt for a modern bedroom and yet wanted a wooden bed, then you would have to look at the bed with an unbiased mind. Does the bed contribute to the overall appeal of the bedroom? Look at the headboard, the footboard, the legs, among its other components.

You can find Top 5 beds you should buy in this article, because sleep matters.




RUGThe color and design of the rug also contribute to the theme of the room. The eyes are naturally drawn to the rug upon seeing the bed. To choose the right rug, look at the colors of your walls, the cornices, the floors. Use other shades of those colors. As much as possible, avoid using too many colors if you already have a lot of solid colors present. If you have a pattern on the walls. Choose which color you would want to accentuate.


Bedside Table

BEDSIDE TABLEModern bedside tables are multipurpose. Some are just there to complete the elements in a room but are meant to avoid disturbing the other elements. For example, a suspended bedside table with a drawer. It is not meant to disturb the drawer under the bed or the window frames. On the other hand, old-fashioned bedrooms have decorative bedside tables where an antique, exquisite lamp would most likely be found.



WARDROBEThe wardrobe can be designed not only to suit the needs of the owner but also to accentuate the personality of the bedroom. Modern wardrobes are simpler in terms of structure and design, while old-fashioned wardrobes have more details in its body and frame and could come in a variety of shapes.



DRESSERThere are more drawers in a dresser, and would be useful to someone who wants more storage for their clothes or to get some clothes out of the wardrobe. For example, she may use the dresser to keep intimates, scarves, and shawls. Choose a dresser that will contribute to setting the mood and theme. Look at the colors of the other furniture. As much as possible, try to match the shade of the other furniture. Think of what would complement the other elements in the bedroom.


Vanity Table

VANITY TABLEThe vanity tells not only the personality of the bedroom but also how many are using it and what their gender is. A feminine vanity would most likely have more organizers or soft colors or great lighting around the mirror. A masculine vanity would often have a simpler framing for a mirror or dark, earthy tones. A vanity with earthy tones and more drawers allows two or more people to use it regardless of their gender.



WINDOWModern windows add aesthetic value to the room. It lets the warm light in, making the room inviting, cheerful, and soothing. This helps boost the mood as the eyes are drawn to the details of the bedroom.



CURTAINSWithout the curtains, the light that come into the bedroom would be glaring light. In order to soften the light coming into the room, put up curtains. Pull them up if you want more light. Place thicker curtains to block the light if you do not wish the white light to disturb your sleep.


Curtains, like the quilt and pillows, would need to be changed from time to time. When you change the sheets and the pillowcases, change the curtains also. If you choose powder pink for pillowcases, then opt for curtains that are white or have a paler pink color. You may opt for a quilt with a bolder shade, such as a standard pink or red, to make the room livelier.


Other Ornaments

ORGANIZERSIf you have vacant shelves and wouldn’t be filling them anytime soon or at all, place some ornaments on them to make the eyes move away from the clutter on other parts of the shelves. If you have many small items on a shelf, measure the shelf and buy a basket or a box you could use to serve as a drawer. This will spare you from having to piece by piece move the statuettes, wedding souvenirs, and other small items because you have them in a drawer. You just have to pull the basket or box if you want to have a closer look or when you are going to clean the shelves.

These are just some of the things you can look at to set the right mood and your preferred theme for your bedroom. You can be as imaginative as you want. You can design your work desk, your bookcase, or the top of your vanity table.

Look at the different stuff you have in your bedroom. Think of how you can further improve its appearance. Home improvement stores have organizers and other products that could help you bring that imagination into reality. Do your research, and make a draft.

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