The Most Amazing Home Designs From Around The Globe of 2016

There are some truly stunning architecturally designed residences all over the globe, right from the bottom of New Zealand through all the way to the top of Finland. Drawing inspiration from some amazing homes can whet your juices when you are coming up with a concept for your new home.

Take a look at this list of some of the most amazing homes around the world in 2016 and get inspired with your home building and design project.


Island Residence, Honolulu, Hawaii


Island Residence in Honolulu, Hawaii


We start our inspiration with the contemporary and yet island style Island Residence, on the shores of Honolulu in Hawaii. With views out over the ocean, this property aims to take advantage of the beautiful surrounds and maximizes outdoor space with a range of large areas designed specifically for taking in the view as well as relaxing or entertaining.

Beautiful mixed wooden features means that this home blends with its natural surrounds, while long, sleek lines ensure that the style of the home remains modern. An upstairs veggie garden makes this home even more environmentally impressive.


Invisible House, New South Wales, Australia


Invisible House in New South Wales Australia


If views out over the mountains are more your speed, then the Invisible House in the Megalong Valley in New South Wales may be the blend of outback bush and modern that gets you going. From the road, the house is not visible – hence the nickname “the Invisible House” – you simply get a view of what looks to be a couple of old tanks and a pond. On closer inspection, this is the roof of the home, the “pond” a dam-like structure that creates a moat.

The rooms in the home are built to take advantage of the stunning views out over the valley, with folding walls opening up spaces to the great outdoors.


Tulu House, Quandra Island, Canada


Tulu House in Quandra Island Canada


The Tulu House, in remote Quandra Island in Canada, is a nature lovers dream. Jutting out over the Pacific Ocean, this luxury home is a single story affair that is sleek with its dark, wooden styling, and extensive use of ceiling to floor glass for views out over the ocean.

The property features ocean viewed living and office space, with a forest view kitchen and nook. A swimming pool in the centre of the design is perfect for a dip when you’re finished work for the day.


The Owers House, Cornwall, Britain


The Owers House in Cornwall Britain


Over in Britain, in Cornwall to be exact, we have the Owers House, another jutting design, this time situated overlooking a picturesque lake. While the home looks particularly modern from the outside, inside the Owers House there are traditional British stylings such as bricks and a fireplace, so that old blends with new almost seamlessly.

To take advantage of the sweeping views, this property also features floor to ceiling glass from which to stare out over the lake and countryside, pondering your thoughts.


House MM, Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Four angular white volumes form house in Mallorca by OHLAB


In a nod to traditional architecture in coastal spots around Europe, House MM is a white home built in the block styling that also takes advantage of a hill top view, while remaining cool. House MM was designed as four separate, and yet conjoined “blocks” all at different angles and heights, to have the home both take advantage of its surrounds, as well as please the eye visually.

The block spaces within the home contain a living slash dining room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms, with each having a different outlook from one another. The home is two stories to make the most out of the smaller property space. The interior of the property is also brilliant white and is accompanied by soft greens, broken up in a chequered pattern, the tiles keeping the property cool in the hot summers of Mallorca.


Mask House, Ithaca, New York


House MM in Palma de Mallorca Spain


Another home design that is all about a deceiving external façade, like the Invisible House, is the Mask House in Ithaca of New York. From the front view of this home, you will see only a walkway, a door, and a series of vertical wooden planks, which blend in with the trees around the home.

From the other side of the residence, however, you’ll see a box shape and walkways, belying the interior inside. Wood panelling inside the home helps to bring the outside in, and the home is fitted with all the modern fitting that you’d expect. Glass windows in the living area of this home look out over a beautiful lake, and the hillside location is remote and beautiful.


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