how to clean roller shutters

The Best Ways to Keep Your Roller Shutter Clean

Keeping your roller shutters clean has two main benefits. First, it gives potential customers a good first impression about your store – everybody loves shopping in a neat environment. Secondly, it ensures that your roller shutters don’t suffer the damage caused by accumulated dirt and debris. As a result, the structures last longer.

If you want to keep them new and shiny, read on to discover how to clean roller shutters.

1. Remove Dust And Debris

The first step when cleaning your roller shutters is to remove dust and debris. If you have painted shutters, this step is critical because the dirt particles are abrasive and can cause scratches if unremoved before cleaning.

Removing debris ensures that it doesn’t run down the shutter once you splash water on the shutters. If that happens, the dirt can settle in cracks and joints, which isn’t easy to remove.

You can use a soft cloth or repurpose an old shirt to remove dirt and debris. Ensure you’re thorough before moving on to the next step.

2. Cleaning the Shutters

The material used to construct a roller shutter determines the best cleaning method.

If you have PVC shutters, use soap and vinegar. First, mix water and soap, then dip a sponge and run it over the shutters. Once the shutters are clean, rinse with warm water.

Add a few vinegar drops to the cleaning solution to remove stains. If the stains are stubborn, spray the vinegar directly onto them and let it act for an hour before scrubbing with a sponge and rinsing.

If you have metallic shutters, use steam brushes and guns. Steam is so powerful that it removes dirt and debris effectively, even in cracks and joints. 

Alternatively, you can use hot water, vinegar, and a mop. Here, you mix the water with vinegar before dipping the mop. Next, you can add soap to strengthen the solution. Then, run the mop over the shutter until it’s clean.

For greasy spots, mix water with sodium bicarbonate. Apply the mixture to the greasy areas and let it act for an hour before rinsing to remove residue. You can add lemon juice drops to quicken the process.

If you have wooden shutters, use a mixture of ammonia and water.

3. Rinsing and Drying

After cleaning, run clean water over your roller shutters. This removes the remaining dirt, debris, and soap. Do this repeatedly until the shutter looks clean and shiny.

Then, use a dry and cleaned microfiber cloth to wipe the roller shutters. This removes any remnant particles and moisture. More importantly, it prevents dust and debris from settling on your clean shutters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Roller Shutters

1. Is it Safe to Clean Electric Shutters?

You must switch off electric roller shutters before cleaning. This prevents the risk of electrocution since water conducts electricity.

2. Can I Use Bleach for Cleaning?

While bleach is effective for general cleaning, it can damage your roller shutters. Most bleaches have high concentrations that can remove paint or compromise the integrity of your roller shutters.

3. Should I Remove the Shutter When Cleaning?

Although shutters are removable, it isn’t recommended. Removing shutters frequently weakens the points to which they attach to the wall, compromising the security of your business premises.

Final Words

Like other machines, roller shutters need maintenance to last long. Cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining the performance of these structures. It prevents dirt accumulation in the moving parts, which would cause friction, wear and tear, and an eventual breakdown.

When cleaning your roller shutters, avoid using strong detergents. They can damage the paint and increase the risk of corrosion.

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