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Swimming Pool Steps & Ledges

More people are installing swimming pools in their homes than in previous years. Pools have become an acceptable recreational fitting in many residential spaces. Apart from residences, pools are available in many other places such as community and sports centers. Specific swimming pool fixtures and characteristics revamp the feeling of being in and around a pool.

Swimming Pool Steps

Pool steps ease access to the pool through the shallow end. However, you can place the pool steps at any spot in the pool. Also, you can design pool steps to be in harmony with the pool design and your needs. Place them at a convenient location for you or the intended users of the pool.


These are used ‘access points’ in a swimming pool. They give access to areas where resting stools and tanning beds are located. You can install ledges in any place of the pool; this will be determined by the pool and ledge design.

Since a swimming pool will be used by people across all ages, the design should consider the young and the aged in terms of accessibility of the pool. The primary purpose of the pool should also be put into consideration before installing steps and ledges. Here are some other factors to take into account before you install pool steps and ledges.

Pool Depth

The depth of the pool will determine the size of your steps. Steps can go as deep as the floor of the pool.


Current trends have seen a change in pool designs. The installation of ledges and steps will follow the design of the pool. Therefore, when designing your swimming pool, you should consider steps and ledges and establish how they will fit into your final build. 


The design and shape of your swimming pool will determine the place where you will position the steps and ledges. While some people prefer them on the deep end, others want the installation at the shallow end.


Installing steps and ledges in your pool are optional. However, the primary purpose of the pool may make it necessary to add steps and ledges. If you use your pool for training, you may not need to have steps in the pool. But, if the pool is for recreational or health purposes such as health rehabilitation, then you need pool steps and ledges. 

Installation of pool steps can be done during the construction of the swimming pool, such as it happens in an inground concrete swimming pool. If your pool was constructed without pool steps, you could still have them added to the pool. Steps and ledges are designed from different materials.

Swimming pool steps and ledges are a great addition to a swimming pool as they enhance safety and the overall look of the pool. If you want to install one, consult credible swimming pool builders to have the steps and ledges installed professionally. They will advise you on the best material to use after assessing your pool and your preferences.

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