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Summery Shades To Consider For Your New Leather Lounge

A new season is a perfect excuse to re-do your home decor, and since a sofa is often the centerpiece of the living room, it’s a good place to start. If you’ve been thinking about leather but were afraid to take the plunge, now is the time.

When we think of leather lounges, we often think about the proper, stately pieces in law firms and executive suites, but leather furniture has come a long way since then. Nowadays, leather at home is more prized for its easy maintenance than its stature.

And with genuine coloured leather now available at furniture stores all over Australia, you have a much wider palette to play with. Outside the house, Summer is full of bright, flowery shades, and now you can bring some of those colourful splashes indoors as well.

Yellow is the ultimate summer colour, evoking thoughts of daisies, sunshine, and sunflowers. It’s a bold colour choice, and summer is the ideal time to experiment with it. Since the loudness of this colour will draw all eyes to that spot in the room, you could consider getting smaller singe-seater lounges rather than one large couch.

Leather Seats

Aria is a beautiful leather armchair that you can buy in pairs or multiples, placing them at either side of the room to spread out the colourful effect. These seats have glittery steel legs that swivel a full 360 degrees. The legs soften the effect by adding a little edge while at the same time retaining the playful aura created by these gorgeous yellow seats.

Accessorising yellow seats can be a challenge since they are a statement in themselves. Being leather seats, they are soft, plush, and cosy, so they don’t need any additional embellishment. But you can accent the rest of the room with small chrome accessories that highlight the glint of the chairs’ feet.

Vases painted in steel or gold, or metallic clocks and lamp shades would work well. Avoid soft furnishings like rugs and pillows because they may look too busy, and the yellow leather is enough to control the room. Curtains should be suitably muted, maybe tan or beige.

Primary colours are good at any time of year, but they’re more common over the summer. If you’re feeling particularly audacious, you could experiment with red lounges. The Alcove Sofabed is a bright red lounge that’s all boxy, full or right angles and masculine silhouettes.

Because of its colour, it will hold the entire room captive so that it may be better in a family room or partially covered patio rather than your living room. You could have it in a gaming room as well, where its convenience will be fully appreciated.

This leather lounge is ideal for young singles, or for a teenage hangout space. It converts into a bed in one quick step and is easy to maintain. It also has a hidden storage section for additional space, which is never a bad idea. Accompany the statement red with understated furniture that will not confuse the senses. Blacks and greys go well with red.

If you’d like your foray into red lounge seats to be a little more tentative, consider getting a single Jolly armchair. It’s perfect for reading and is comfy and easy to clean. It’s small and subtle, but because it’s red, it can still indulge your sense of summer daring.

Blue seems to be a popular choice in coloured leather seating, and Italian options available in Australia include Archy, Azzaro, Cristalle, Donatella, Gina, and Prince. Your choice will be driven by the shade of blue, as well as your preferred design.

Archy, Gina, and Prince are all single-seaters, while Azzaros seat two a piece and have electric recliner extensions. Donatella is a standard plush three seater, while Cristalle has a two-seater option and an L-shaped three-seater with an accompanying footstool. It’s the perfect sofa for lazy afternoon lounging.

These blue leather lounges have metallic feet in various designs, ranging from circular swivel options to cross-hatched tubular patterns and standard polished feet. They bring out the sense of summer by reflecting the ocean and sky, albeit in darker shades.

Blue is a soothing colour choice so that it can give your space a chill summer feel, and it can be accessorised with anything, so it’s the safest choice for bright summer indulgence. As you explore summer lounge colours, think about the size and shape of your room. You should also consider the furniture you already have, and how it will work with your new lounge.

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