Tiling Trends

Summer Tiling Trends

New seasons can put a hum into your step, and summer buzzes louder than any other time of year. Not only is the sun bright, the beach tempting, and the fashion fabulous, but Christmas is coming. The season brings friends and relatives trooping into your home, eager to bond, connect, and review your annual progress.

For some loved ones, Christmas can be a time to impress, so it’s the perfect excuse to ramp up your home décor. Tile is a great way to do that. It completely overhauls the look of your space and can bring some of that summer sunshine indoors. At the same time, tile is cool enough to leave the heat outdoors and stay pleasantly chilly on your bare feet.

Where do you begin? Well, colour is always a great place to start. Do you want a clean, uncluttered look or would you like something more vibrant? What about size and texture? Tiles can give you a smooth glassy surface while still exuding texture, thanks to the intricate patterns available. You could pick natural styles or something more contemporary.

Stone Tiles

Go Precious

Metallic tones are in this summer. Brass and gold are gorgeously reminiscent of the sunset, so they’re a lovely colour to bring indoors. For your tiles, full-on gold may feel brash, but you can use creams and beiges that have gold streaks. Calacatta marble is a good tile choice. It has a creamish white base with veining that varies from gold to brown, and it fits right in with the theme. Accessorise your tiles with a new set of glossy gold-coloured faucets and lampshades.

Natural stone tiles are a great way to add a bit of gold to your life. Limestone, sandstone, travertine, and marble all have variants in that cream to pale brown spectrum that are a great accent for brass and gold trim. You can apply these shades to your floors and walls, then embellish them with glittery tassels on your sofas and hints of gold embroidery in your cushions and curtains. Pale rugs with a few golden tufts of thread are a good option too.

Embrace The Greenery

In many parts of the world, summer and spring are all about a return to green, especially after their stark winter white. Things aren’t quite so drastic here in Australia. After all that winter rain, there’s plenty pf green to go around, but our summer is more about warm sandy beaches and enjoying the grand outdoors. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring some of the outsides in. Houseplants are one way to do that. Green tile is another.

You don’t have to use conventional shades of green. Stand out with olives, khakis, emeralds, and royals hues. Sensual earth tones help to soothe your nerves, especially with the stressful holidays coming up. And if you’re not willing to commit to fully green walls, you could get tamer colours with leafy prints on them.

Back To Nature

This season, there are two main ways that fashion is embracing nature. The first option is through design. Many owners are dressing their homes with forest murals and tile mosaics that feature jungles, tropical forests, and exotic creatures. The kids love the new playful direction. It’s like bringing the zoo into your house, and they’re sure to be popular at school as they suddenly know the names of equatorial wildlife.

The second way is through natural stone pavers and tiles. They’re increasingly being selected over artificial tiles. They’re great for summer because they respond well to the heat without scorching stray hands and feet. Stone comes in immense varieties including basalt, porphyry, marble, and limestone, and the colours range from pearl to obsidian.

Bring The Sunset In

One of the best things about summer is the gorgeous peaches and pinks. Its sunrise all day long, and you can splash those welcoming shades on your walls. Consider using pink limestone tiles. It’s a very gentle tone that is unlikely to overwhelm or emasculate. If you’re unsure about using it in a prominent section of the house, start small and re-tile your craft corner. Once you see how the summer light hits it, you just might be ready to expand those tiling horizons.

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