stainless steel balustrades

The Sturdy and Yet Fashionable Steel Balustrades

What are Balustrades?

If you are not familiar with balustrades, you will probably think that the stairs comprise the entire staircase, including the pillars on both edges. Well, no, the stairs are the step platforms. Balustrades are the wooden or metal fences that enclose the right and left edge of a staircase.  A balustrade is a railing fortified by balusters. Just like the staircase, a bridge also has its own balustrades– the concrete or pillars on both sides. Balustrades are mostly for bridges, balconies, and patios. To be more specific, a balustrade is a row of columns made up of concrete, metal, or steel.

Another thing to remember is that fences and balustrades aren’t the same. A fence encloses an area while balustrades are a column installed along a railing or pathway.


stainless steel balustrades


The Beauty of Steel Balustrades

Steel balustrades possess simplicity and an elegant style. You can choose between steel rod balustrades or wire rope balustrades. The latter are perfect for exterior designs, especially for terraces. If you don’t like the rod style, you can make a design of your own. Steel balustrades are easily cleaned, contemporary, and require minimal maintenance. It is also advisable to have the balustrades powder-coated so that it can serve as a protective layer that is rain- repellant and rust- resistant. The brilliance of using steel to form balustrades is that the material is lightweight but still strong. The price rate for this product is also affordable because the production process requires aluminum and a less dense metal.

If you’re going with steel, you might as well make it stainless steel. Other than being fire and corrosion- resistant, the metal is also tough against impact, and its quality lasts for the long term. Steel balustrades can also serve as a pool fence. They would be a great design upgrade so that little kids, without adult supervision, won’t go near the swimming pool. Turn your swimming pool into a small luxury space for you and your family.


Architectural Essence

Putting up steel balustrades isn’t as simple as furnishing your home. Building balustrades is an architectural process that requires structural knowledge and time. A steel balustrade is very pleasant to look at. You can even install other design features like artworks, ornaments, emblems, and more. There is, however, one important step that you have to do when it comes to installation. You have to consult with an architect and an interior designer to create a blueprint on how the balustrades will be installed.


Key Factors of Steel Balustrades

Consistency is also important. You can’t have wooden balustrades for your stairs; metal balustrades for your terrace; and steel rod balustrades for your patio. If you are going to use steel, make sure to use steel all throughout.

Make sure to purchase quality steel from real manufacturers. You might be fooled into purchasing cheap metal instead. Great quality stainless steel comes with reasonable quantity all the time. Once again, consult with professionals to make the right decisions on every purchase and design. We should not forget, too, that other than elegance, one can’t deny that steel balustrades look innovative and modern.

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