Spring Home-Staging Ideas

Springtime has finally arrived and the dark days are coming to a close. While we wait for the weeks to usher in warm weather, it is always nice to welcome the transformation in season by making some styling changes to your home. Spring is the best time of year to refresh your interior with new colour schemes, vibrant patterns and lively decor. For those of you who like to give their home a little makeover, we have put together some ideas that are all about uplifting your four walls with a cheerful and happy spring feel.

Add flowers

Natural elements create a relaxing atmosphere. Personalize your spring decor by gathering fresh flowers and blooming branches or twigs and display them in bowls and baskets throughout your home. Fresh-cut flowers breathe life into space and stand out when placed in neutral vases of clear, chrome or white colour or even natural wood.

Display seasonal fruits and veggies

Filling glass jars with spring produce such as oranges, strawberries or asparagus is a great way to spring-stage your kitchen. Choose fruits and veggies that best complement your kitchen decor, for instance, use bold fruits in an all-white kitchen or if your counter-top is already colorful only add a white bowl full of limes for a fresh green accent.

Use natural deodoriser

To give your house an amazing fresh smell, soft and natural scents are the best way to celebrate the spring season. Candles with light fragrances will definitely enhance the mood of any family member and visitor but if you want to add some colour to your kitchen and get rid off any cooking smells, lemon halves put in water are not only good for kitchen styling but clear the air as well.

Decorate with throw pillows

By using fresh flowers and blooming branches you have already added a lot of colour to your home. But if you want to bring that springtime feeling into your living room as well, think about adding simple but bright throw pillows to your couch. Colors like violet, dusk blue, lemon or emerald are great for adding a subtle spring accent to the room.

Change linens

Pastel colors are easy on the eye and should be used to replace the dark winter shades. Any room will feel much lighter and brighter using light colors and switching out throw pillow cases, bed linens and towels in the bathroom is an easy fix. Pastel shades such as robin-egg blue, light purple or green will create a calm spring atmosphere in your home.

Springtime motifs and wallpaper design

Blooms such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and violets are motifs, which are appearing on wallpaper and fabrics when it comes to spring staging homes. These themes are perfect for decorating a country cottage interior, curtains or even a bedroom wall. Floral patterns are sure to refresh your home and mood in an easy way.

Maximize the use of natural light

With early mornings and longer evenings, celebrate the length of daylight by refreshing your windows with new fabrics and textures. Linens and transparent fabrics, which allow the springtime breeze to come through, will maximize the amount of light in your home.

Include beach decor

Beach decor always makes us think of our beloved season: summer. If you want to introduce summer to your home already, use colors like grass green or maritime blue to create a relaxed coastal feel. Alternatively, you can add simple nautical decor by displaying seashells, throw pillows or even call up your nearest furniture rental and ask for a signature piece of furniture like a beach chair.

Don’t forget your patio

If you are lucky enough to have a patio, don’t forget to decorate the exterior space as well. To make your alfresco area more desirable for summer, make it look welcoming by adding some fancy chairs and a small table. Keep the spring colour palette in mind when putting out tablecloth and cushions to complete the overall theme.


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