Some Spring 2017 Colour Palettes for Property Styling

Some Spring 2017 Colour Palettes for Property Styling

Selling your home is both an exciting time as well as a trying time. While it’s exciting because you’re moving on to something different – perhaps even something bigger and better – it’s also trying because there is a lot of work involved in getting a house ready for sale – and we’re not just talking about organising paperwork and inspections!

These days, property styling is an important part of preparing your home for sale. Property styling is outfitting a home so that it is more appealing to potential buyers (or renters), and may even drive up the asking price. Property styling can including touches like getting in new furniture, adding artwork, rugs, and decorative touches, landscaping the garden, or bring in new pot plants temporarily, and even things like adding certain scents to rooms to make them more appealing.

It’s all about making a home look like a wonderful place to live in – cosy, bright, and clean. However, if you’re not the most creative of people, this can be a little bit of a stretch. Though you can hire furniture and seek out decorative touches, you might not know just what you’re looking for.

This is where a colour palette can really help. Choosing a spring themed colour palette that’s been given the tick of approval by stylists will help to point you in the right direction when you’re doing your home styling. This is why we are outlining some inspirational colour palettes that you might like to try this spring when styling your home.

Bone China

This look can work well in modern homes as well as traditional homes; the palette really is a bit of an all-rounder. With bone china, you have the effects of a fairly stark white combined with a mid-range blue. You can add pale yellow accents to the palette if you wish, too. This is great if you have very white walls, as you can add things like a blue couch with yellow cushions. Combine with pine to really make the look.

Soft yellow

A very spring-themed colour palette is the pale yellow palette. Think yellow creams, through to daffodil yellow. This palette also matches well with a deep red colour for accents, along the lines of a red wine or mulberry colour. A soft yellow palette with a deep red accent is inviting, warm, comforting and friendly. For woods, you’ll want a mid-range honey wood, perhaps along the lines of teak.


For something a little bit more modern, there is the evergreen palette. Based around a vibrant, tropical green, as well as deeper greens and then offset with white, this palette has become very popular with home styling over the last few years. These greens go great with wicker furniture and can make a room pop.

There really is so much that you can do with home styling. If you’re still thinking about colour palettes, you can head to your nearest paint shop or look online to see the colour combinations that are best suited. If you’re struggling to style your home yourself, there are also services that can help and do it for you. These services will be able to source rental furniture and decorative touches, as well as have an eye for space and style. With experience in styling many homes, they will know which styling touches suit which homes the best and which ones to avoid. If you can afford the service, then it may well be money worth spending, as superior home styling is known to attract a higher price for properties on the market.

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