Some Finishing Options for Your Pizza Oven

If you did a survey on the whole population, you would be hard pressed to find individuals who outrightly dislike pizza. Most people enjoy the delicacy, especially when it is rich in savoury flavours. Even those that prefer healthier meal options can opt for gluten-free wholemeal pizza bases with abundant vegetarian toppings. So, what if you could have delicious oven-baked pizza made to suit your taste without the hassles of having back and forth with the pizzeria about whether or not they have what you want and then having to wait on a pizza delivery guy who may take hours to deliver your meal. This is why I advocate for having your own pizza oven. The convenience of having one cannot be overstated.


However, I also believe that your pizza oven should more than just a functional unit in your backyard or on your patio. It should aesthetically complement or supplement your outdoor decor. It is important to make your pizza oven the focus of your backyard as this makes it more appealing and thus motivates you to make and eat pizza more often – and who would not want that?


So, what are some of the options you can consider when thinking of the finishing for your pizza oven?


Well, the first thing to consider is whether you’d prefer a more traditional or a contemporary pizza oven. This will help you decide on the best material to go with. Pizza ovens can be made using bricks, concrete, clay, or steel. Bricks and clay tend to give your pizza oven a more traditional and rustic look, as compared to concrete and steel which tend to look more contemporary and elegant. This can be matched to your outdoor decor and ambience or alternatively, you can plan your decor around the statement set by the pizza oven you choose.


Even as you choose the material, some come with more choices. For example, concrete pizza oven can be polished, be left natural or finished with plaster or schist. When deciding which finish to go with, it is important to consider what ambience or feel you are going for in your outdoor area. Do you want your pizza oven to complement its surroundings or do you want it to stand out? All these are options worth considering when improving your outdoor.


Another good idea involves adding a hip-high work surface on either side of your pizza oven base. The base can be finished using wood, stone, tile and concrete and the work surface can be built from the same. The base may also be left hollow and act as a storage area for wood and utensils that you may need to make your pizza such as pans and roll cutters.


Beyond just fashioning your pizza oven to suit your decor, you can add to your outdoor by making it more comfortable for your friends and family would be coming in every so often for pizza night. One option is to fashion inbuilt seating especially if you have a concrete or brick pizza oven. This will allow for people to assemble in your backyard for some amazing pizza. You may also get some outdoor lighting for the evenings you want to spend outside eating pizza. Additions like fairy lights can really set the ambience, making your backyard cosier and more inviting. Getting a matching outdoor furniture set can help people settle in better, especially if you have comfortable seats. Lastly, you can set up a projector and white screen to allow for night movies while enjoying some nice hot pizza.


As you can see, options for how to make your outdoor more inviting with a pizza oven are numerous. All this can be DIY if you are adventurous or you could simply call a professional to do it for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pizza oven and gear up for fun, flavourful nights in your backyard with your friends and family.


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