Some Favorite Decor Themes from 2016

Designing your outdoor living area requires the balancing of many elements.

One of the first steps homeowners can take is to help decide exactly what theme works for them – is to examine what aspects would work best:

  • Does the space need to be family friendly?
  • Are you a dinner-party sort of host?
  • Is this space designed for relaxation and/or recreation?
  • Are you looking to compliment existing features, like a pool?

If building your décor concept from scratch is not your thing, you can instead explore some of the hot décor trends that emerged in the summer of 2016.

High-Tech Entertainment

Many homeowners are looking to create versatile indoor/outdoor spaces that expand existing living areas.

Once fancy installations involved hoisting the portable boom-box onto an esky, nowadays outdoor areas are becoming just as sophisticated as home cinemas.

Combining Bluetooth speakers, hidden cabinetry and plush outdoor lounges and sofas, modern outdoor areas now allow families and friends to congregate and enjoy anything from the latest films, sports games and pop hits while under the stars.

Outdoor media centres require soft furnishings and gorgeous side tabling to turn your corner into a cosy centre for fun.

Blocks of Color

The traditional browns and greens of outdoor furniture is no longer the only option on the market. Designers and homeowners are turning to bold colors and patterns to create interesting, themed areas to escape from the hubbub of the day.
When combined with painted screens and gorgeous soft landscaping (like bold succulents and glossy evergreens), colored outdoor decor is here to stay.

French Provincial

With soft edges and a clean white painted finish, French Provincial style dining sets and benches are a timeless addition to most outdoor areas.

Perfect for heritage-style homes, this type of design style lends itself to further customization with the selection of fabrics for cushions and pillows.

Whether it’s for a family lunch, or a morning coffee on the back decking, French Provincial settings have never been more popular.

Tubular Metal

For apartment and townhouse dwellers that know the importance of every square foot, tubular metal furniture is often designed to fit together when not in use to maximize livable space.

Available in a host of bright colors, tubular metal systems combine practicality with a pop of vibrancy to help personalize the outdoor space like never before.

Vertical Gardens

Again designed for homes that don’t have much space for traditional garden beds, vertical gardens allow homeowners to grow herbs and rich greenery on otherwise bare and neglected walls, trellises and fences.

Adding fragrance and atmosphere, vertical gardens are relatively low-maintenance greenery additions to your home.

Monochrome Design

An extremely simple way to create ambiance and interest in your outdoor area is to go monochromatic with furniture, accessories and decor.

From glossy black tubular furniture, to glazed flower pots and rich, soft fabrics, retailers are creating accessible and beautiful products that can take your outdoor space from ho-hum to fabulous with just a few affordable purchases.

Lasting year-on-year, monochromatic themes are easy to create, build and maintain.


Screaming of exotic tropical holidays, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a gorgeous day in a soft, veiled daybed.

Available in a number of shapes to maximize shade and comfort, daybeds provide a slice of tranquility for homeowners and their family to relax reading, listening to music and sunbathing.

When combined with soft furnishings and carefully selected fabrics for pillows and cushions, daybeds can be customized to work with the property’s broader style – so there’s little chance of you new purchase sticking out like a sore thumb.


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