Grill Master

So You Want To Be A Grillmaster?

7 Best Practices Straight From The Experts

It’s time to get out the aprons and the tongs!

Spring and summer time are undefeated in the perfect seasons for grilling barbecue with loved ones (or for yourself).

If you are an expert already, you may want to look at another article; but if you are a newbie or “so-so” follow these best practices from pit masters all over the world!



Grill Master



Get Quality Meat

Having high quality meat is the first step in ensuring you have a delicious barbecue to wow your guests.

When it comes to meat, Steaks and ground beef sourced from a local butcher are better than mass grocery chain meat. Whether its grass-fed or pasture raised beef, butchers have access to meat that eliminate the handling of the middleman allowing for affordable and better tasting meat.

Tender cuts like rib-eyes and strips are are ideal for steaks but there are many different other cuts. Opt for higher fat content in your ground beef to achieve juicier burgers on the grill.



Come Equipped

Investing in the right tools and equipment is an absolute must.

Make sure you do your proper research and purchase a charcoal or gas grill, or even smoker that is from a well-known manufacturer.  Don’t cheap out on this as this grill is an extension of your kitchen and will be used from years to come. You want to ensure you’ve got a high quality, yet safe grill for you and your family to enjoy.

Lastly, when preparing your grill space, have a spray bottle filled with water, tongs, and a meat thermometer nearby!


Clean Your Grill

When first purchasing a grill.  Make sure you “clean” it by starting a fire within the grill and let it burn for an hour.  Doing this will literally incinerate any residual debris and by products from the manufacturing process.

If your grill has been used already, you can do this procedure quarterly to clean any mold or foul grease that’s been collecting.

As for the grill grates, grab a grill brush to clean any food remains from past barbecues to prevent rogue flames from occurring.

Remember, cleaning the grill right after you have used it and while it is still a bit warm will be 10 times easier then cleaning it just before using it.



Know Thy Grill

As you use your grill more and more, you will see that certain spots of the grill may get hotter than the other.  You will know when to pull certain foods away from those particular surfaces so be mindful. You can use this to your advantage as certain foods require different temperatures.


Also, when buying a new grill, or even with your existing grill, always confirm you’ve got enough space.  Don’t be afraid to grill for multiple sessions to prevent from overcrowding and a reduction of air circulation.  Airflow needs to be unobstructed to allow for proper heating.


Relax On The Lighter Fluid

Spend time picking out good quality charcoal that is natural and lacks chemicals. While these charcoals take longer to light up, ensure you’ve got adequate time to host a barbecue and grill properly.  You need to wait until the charcoals are ashy white before placing meat on the grill.


Secondly, by taking your time and allowing the charcoal to heat up properly, you will eliminate your need for excessive lighter fluid which introduces harmful toxins to your food. For a few extra dollars opt in for the easy lite charcoal, it will almost half the time for you.


Coat The Veggies

Don’t forget your vegetables. You have an array to choose from, and so many rubs and seasoning to take them to an extra level of flavor.

When grilling vegetables, coat them in olive oil just before placement to prevent from drying out and sticking.


Let The Meat Rest

Let the meat hang out a while before serving.

Give it a few minutes to allow for the meat to retain all of its juices and not dry out.  Don’t cut it until you are actually ready to serve it because the juices will flow out, defeating the purpose!


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