Shed Options For A Small Backyard

There is so much more you can do with a shed in your back yard. To begin with, they offer an extra storage option, which has never been a bad thing whichever way you look at it. This is why more people are trying to include some sort of outdoor storage structure in their yard. Sometimes, this becomes tricky when the space you have to work with is limited, and you still have tgao observe building regulations and property lines. When such a problem presents itself, you have to get creative, to make sure you get what you want, within the confines of space. Here are some ideas for working with a small backyard;

Covered Bike storage shed

If your yard is not big enough to support a large structure, you could do with erecting a small bike storage space. The aim here is to construct something that not only fits into your yard, but is also inconspicuous enough that it does not raise an eyebrow. This type of structure has limited uses, as most people opt to use it to store either bicycles or their garbage bins. This type of shed is usually made from wood, with hard plastic doors. They are also typically constructed to make use of one of the walls of your house, with the rest of the shed being a small extension from that wall.

Small garden shed

One of the more popular options is a small garden shed. This is a stand-alone structure that can be made either from wood or metal sheets. Metal sheet small garden sheds are more popular, since there are a bunch of options available, from small flat roofed sheds, or even gable roof sheds that try to utilize the space available. Such sheds could measure anywhere from 9 square meters, to any measurement that the space in the yard allows. They are the best option for a proper workman’s shed and can be used to store tools, gardening implements, fertilizers, and in some cases, people convert them into tiny workshops. The beauty of a small garden shed, above and beyond the multiple uses, is that it has a certain level of longevity attached to it. This means over time, you can convert its uses to go along with your needs at any given time.

Booth storage sheds

This is one of the options available for those who are not only looking to expand their storage options, but also to add a touch of beauty to their backyard. Most of these are made from wood, and have a dainty feel to the; they look like they can be blown away by a strong gust of wind. They are quaint and usually incorporate French styling in their construction, especially of the door. This type of shed is typically used to store gardening tools, bird feed, and pet food. The design, build, and paintwork also make it an ornamental addition to the yard.

Tiny greenhouse

Small backyards are perfect for making cute greenhouses.  This is an option for people who want to explore their green thumb, but do not have the space to put up a proper greenhouse. The tiny greenhouse is usually made from wood or metal and glass. The wood or metal parts add strength to the structure, with the huge intermissions of glass between the solid posts acting as a source of light for the plants. This type of backyard shed can be used both as a greenhouse to grow potted plants, and as a storage for gardening tools. Tiny greenhouses are popular among people who have embraced the organic lifestyle, since they are ideal for growing herbs and spices such as coriander, parsley, and different varieties of tomatoes. An added advantage is that they are aesthetically pleasing, and are sometimes considered as yard ornaments.

Small hideaway storage spaces

Another way you can add a shed to the backyard is to add small storage spaces. They are used to store anything from garbage cans, to bikes, to farm tools. These hideaway storage spaces will typically be made of wood, and can be nestled in a small space. Most of them are interlaced with other things, such as a small garden at the top; these are called raised planters. For the most part, they are constructed as an extension of the house, but can sometimes be stand-alone structures, especially where they are used to house garbage cans.

Makeshift garage storage

If your yard space is extremely limited, you can actually create a makeshift garage. The makeshift part should not fool you though; this is a proper structure that can be used for a variety of things. However, for this type of structure to work, you have to have a first floor balcony, with pillars supporting it. The idea is to use these pillars as wall supports and the balcony as the roof. This type of structure is entirely dependent on the size of you balcony. It works best for people with very small backyards, since it does not actually encroach on any of the yard space, instead utilizing some of the space that the balcony was already laying claim to. The drawback is that it may interfere with the accessibility from the back door of the house.



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