How Our Service Gives You the Perfect Storage Solution for Travellers

How Our Service Gives You the Perfect Storage Solution for Travellers

Here at Shuttlebox, we pride ourselves on being a top mobile storage company, because we all know how tedious and time-consuming packing, moving and storing can be. This is where we come in. We take the stress out of your storage needs.


Nowadays travelling has become a hot commodity. A lot more people are travelling now than ever before. And with that comes the extra stress of what to do with your essential and priceless belongings while you are away. You can’t just go for a month leaving your house unattended for anyone and everyone to break into.


This is where Shuttlebox comes in handy; we can keep your possessions safe and sound while you’re out in the big wide world backpacking, jumping off cliffs and eating strange food. You don’t have to stop while perusing a beautiful market in India and wonder if your family heirlooms are safe and sound.


Our services will also come in handy to those who travel the world working and have a handful of belongings they would like to store when leaving the country for a few months. And when you return you know all your possessions have been well looked after.


Our mobile storage is in fact a mobile self-storage service. Our storage units are comprised of very strong timber; this helps the structure to breathe, thus preventing your belongings from going mouldy. They are also waterproof and raised off of the ground and wrapped in a waterproof cover. These preventative measures help keep our clients peace of mind.


A booking can easily be made for a convenient time for you. When the booking has been confirmed, we will arrive at your place and leave a mobile self-storage unit with you to pack. You have 24 hours before we return and pick up the unit. We then take the box to our storage facility. Your possessions will be safe and secure with us.


When using our mobile storage, you can use your own lock, or we can provide you with one. You keep the key with you and use it when you need to open up your unit.


You can access your box at any time during business hours from Monday through to Saturday.


Our delivery area is all the way from Nelson Bay in the North to Ulladulla in the South, Bathurst in the West and then everywhere in between.

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