Sandstone Tiling Inspirations for This Summer

Sandstone Tiling Inspirations for This Summer

Sandstone is a wonderfully versatile stone, used in households and businesses around the world to give a beautiful, natural, and sometimes even rustic look. Sandstone tiling is popular both indoors and out and proves to be a far more accessible stone than say, marble.

Sandstone Marble Tiling Inspirations for this Summer

Colours of sandstone

Sandstone is available in a huge range of natural colours that really fit in perfectly with the tones of Australia. They range through the creams and yellows that you’d expect with a name like sandstone, through to reds, browns, ochres, and pinks, then you have light to deep greys and blacks, and even fairly stark whites. There is a plethora of choice when it comes to sandstone. You will also find that some sandstone tiles are fairly uniform in colour distribution and grain across both a singular tile as well as between tiles, and some vary widely.

Uses in the home and garden

Sandstone tiling and pavers are particularly prevalent in outdoor areas, with garden paths, steps, and entertaining outdoor areas popular areas to put down sandstone tiling. In these cases, it’s usually a soft, creamy yellow sandstone with a diverse grain and difference from tile to tile that’s used. This is because it looks more natural and so as such it can be a better choice for an outdoor area – so you have that natural feel in your yard.

Another trendy choice for sandstone tiles is actually with feature walls. Sandstone wall tiles provide wall cladding and the rough look it has slowly crept into our collective consciousness both for indoor and outdoor feature walls. The rough look of the tiles, combined with beautiful variations in colour makes a sandstone wall a real eye capture. If you have a smaller indoor wall or a larger exterior wall, then you might like to think about adding this type of cladding to give it that textural appeal that so many homes are lacking.

Sandstone bathrooms are also seeing a resurgence in new homes and renovations, as opposed to other tiles like marble and travertine tiles Sydney. This is due to the striations of some of the tiles being an appealing alternative for that more natural, earthy look – particularly in the creams and yellows range. If you are considering sandstone tiling for your bathroom, it’s important to remember that you will need to make sure to have it sealed correctly. This may have a different process for bathroom applications of sandstone.

Another increasingly popular use of sandstone tiling is around pools and their surrounds, including walls and outdoor showers. This is becoming a stone that people are using in place of limestone, as the colour differences are that much more appealing. If you’re interested in stone that has more differences from tile to tile, and within each tile itself, then sandstone wins out every time over the traditional pool surrounds limestone tiles or pavers.

There is so many different uses for sandstone tiles, and these are only just some of them. For summer sandstone inspiration we recommend that you look towards the warm creams and yellows of the lighter sandstones, so you can keep that fresh, warm, summer look going year round.

As with any stone that you put down, there are various care instructions to follow to ensure that you keep your tiles in the best shape possible. These instructions are things like making sure to avoid acids to clean the stones as they will etch and wear away at the surface. The best way to clean is with a gentle cleanser, or, if you are outdoors, then with a high-pressure hose.

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