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Should I Restore Or Replace My Roof?

Deciding on whether to replace or restore your roof involves a lot of considerations. Roofs are a huge investment and contribute to the overall value of a house. They not only serve a structural purpose but also an aesthetic purpose. The main objective of a roof is to offer protection from the elements. Modern roofs employ cutting edge technology to guarantee durability. Unfortunately, not all roofs outlive their lifespan. The integrity of a roof deteriorates over time and it fails to meet its functional objectives. The result is water leakages into the house, pooling of water and rattling of the roof sheets. Depending on the type of roof you have, it is important to access if it’s time to restore or replace your roof. Here are some of the things that will help you decide.


Visual Inspection

What you see is what you get, and visual inspection of a roof speaks volumes about its state. The objective of a visual inspection is to determine if the roof is functional, if there are any signs of weakness and identify the need for repair or replacement. The inspection process involves an exterior inspection and an interior inspection. Inspect the exterior for the deterioration of gutters, soffits, and fascia. Moreover, assess the continuity of the roof covering. Any physical damage and loss of structural integrity of the roof should be noted. The interior finishes should be inspected for signs of frost build up, water penetration and structural stress. The visual inspection process should be executed with caution. While on the roof, take precautions to avoid falls and damage to the roof. If your roof is too high, call a professional to do the assessment


Get Professional Opinion

The eyes only see what the mind knows and more often than not an untrained eye can miss some of the signs of roof damage. A roofing expert is trained to identify and make a reparation plan for all damages on the roof. The devil is in the details and only a trained eye can pick out certain signs form a damaged roof. Depending on the type of roof, specialized equipment may be required to assess the roof. Following the assessment, the roofing expert can recommend solutions to your roofing problem. A cost-benefit analysis for restoration vs replacement can also be conducted.


Damage is the greatest determinant of the solution you choose for your roofing problem. If the damage on your roof is confined to a small area, repair is the best way to go. However, if the damage is extensive, replacement may be necessary. Nonetheless, some damages are a sign of bigger problems. Recurrent damages may warrant a reconsideration of the type of roof you have in your house. If you are looking into repairing or replacing your roof, there are several considerations you should make.



Roof Replacement



The Cost

Cost also has big implications on how you handle damages to your roof. Replacement is costly but sometimes repairing damages on the roof may exceed the replacement costs. An assessment of the roof can generate a reliable report on the cost-benefit of repair vs replacement. Moreover, both replacement and repairs have tax implications. Replacements are a capital expense hence are taxed more than repairing costs that are treated as maintenance expenditure. Moreover, depreciation charges reduce when the lifespan of the roof is extended through repairs.



What happens to your old roof once you replace it? Tonnes of roofing wastes build up in landfills annually. They have detrimental environmental implications. Tracts of resourceful land are used to dump roofing wastes instead of being utilised for other useful purposes. Restoration allows reuse of roofs. It is a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Moreover, restoration makes a building more energy efficient.




roof restoration




The Risks

Roofs are a structural installation and any damage has potential risks. Roofs have a lifespan and they deteriorate as the years pass. Restoration is a good way to extend the lifespan of a roof and curb the progression of damage. Sealing leaks, repairing soffits, and nailing rattling sheets improves the integrity of a roof. However, some damages completely compromise the structural integrity of the roof and present an occupational hazard. It is risky to live under a damaged roof. Therefore, any cause of alarm should be assessed by a roofing expert for quick repairs or replacement.


Once you have decided on a solution to your roofing problem, call an expert to roof repairs or replace the roof. Poor installation and unprofessional repairs contribute to damages on the roof. If a leak is not fully sealed it’s bound to reopen. Poorly installed gutters, downpipes, fascia and soffits can also damage the roof. Professional roofing services are widely available and certain reputable companies provide unmatched services. Therefore, if you are still wondering whether to replace or repair your roof, just call the experts and find out.

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