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A pergola an outdoor element that places you both inside and outside at the same time. Its architecture can bring backyard landscaping to life with the help of climbing plants or potted blossoms to define its structure or provide a focal point in your garden. While extending your outdoor living space, a pergola is the perfect gathering place for friends and family all year round.

If you want to turn your backyard into something special and add value to your home, you may have given it a thought to build a pergola yourself as a little DIY spring project. On the internet, you will find a wide variety of designs and plans including instructions, diagrams, list of tools and materials as well as technical drawings no matter if you opt for a free-standing or attached pergola. Depending on the style you choose, building a pergola yourself can either be a simple or a challenging project, hence make sure you know your skill level before you purchase anything, use equipment safely and follow the instructions closely.

Before starting the project, the first thing you should do is choosing the right location for your pergola on the property and check back with your council or local authorities in case you need permission to build such structure. Furthermore, find out if any utilities in that area will cause problems as they might get in the way of the future framework. We are talking about water pipes, gas and sewers here.

All pergolas are set up with a pergola deck, posts, beams, a fascia and rafters for maximum support to hold the framework together. Some pergola designs also require a gutter profile attached to the fascia to protect the wooden structure from rainfall.

Pergola Deck

If you are planning to build the pergola yourself, having basic carpentry skills is essential to make not only you safe during the construction process but also the pergola to turn out secure and stable. While some designs require more skill than others, make sure you only choose a style you can handle or ask a handyman friend to help you. As with any DIY project, safety comes first hence make sure the structure is secure when using ladders and always wear eye protection and gloves when using a chainsaw to cut the posts, beams and rafters to avoid injury.

If you are unsure about tackling the project yourself, it is best and safest to contact a pergola builder. The expert has not only experience but extensive knowledge in designing outdoor living space that suits different environments and your requirements. The specialist will arrange a visit at your home to discuss your outdoor project and will make sure your pergola is designed to compliment your home and ready to use safely next summer season.


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