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Some Preventive Pest Control Measures to Take Over Winter

The winter always comes with an unbearable cold. As you take shelter in your home to keep warm, some pests are bound to follow you. During the winter, pests like rats and insects seek a warm environment. Unfortunately, these vermin may invite themselves into your living space and make your home theirs. It is not shocking that the highest cases of pest infestations are reported during the winter. Moreover, pest control companies record a surge in the demand for their services when winter hits. Once the cold is gone, the damage is usually extensive. By the time you call in pest control services, it’s a case of too little too late. To have a peaceful winter, here are a few pest control measures you can take to prevent a total take over.

Pests adore filth and thrive in a dirty environment. To avoid infestation all you have to do is tidy up the house. During winter, most people stuff the house in a bid to keep warm. Unfortunately, cleanliness is hard to maintain in a stuffy house. It requires commitment to regularly tidy up every nook and cranny of the house. From the floor to the furniture, you must keep the house spotless in order to keep away rats and insects. Spiders like untidy living spaces. They find private hideouts in the mess in your room and make a cosy home. When it’s time for feeding, spiders enjoy the leftover food that you disposed on the floor. Dirty furniture also provide ideal spaces for insects to lay eggs. If you just tidy up, pests will definitely keep away

If your house is old, perhaps you should do some repairs before winter begins. Pests are covert creature and they like hiding out in cracks and holes. Termites are reputable for making colonies that start in cracks. Unlike most pests, the damage from termites is insidious and can go completely unnoticed. They eat away your house from the inside out. To curb an infestation from these pests all you have to do is seal the cracks on your walls, treat the wood fittings and repair any holes on your floor. If your furniture has any tears, don’t let that be a gateway for rats. Repair your furniture from the chaise longue, poofs to the bed. Moreover, repair leaking pipes and clean your gutters. Cockroaches love moist areas. Regularly check your plumbing for damage and make all necessary repairs.

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Some pests are daring and waltz in through the front door. Sealing the doors and windows is effective in preventing pest infestation. Especially during the winter, pests will follow the heat and light from your home. Cracks on doors and windows are ideal entry points for bugs and rats. Before the winter starts, install screens on your windows and doors. If you already have them, check for any tears. Moreover, seal any cracks in your window and door frames with inexpensive caulk or foam. Door sweeps and weather-stripping can seal the moving parts of the door and keep out the pests during winter.

If you have pets beware of fleas. These insects are hitchhikers that can make a home in your living space. Dogs and cats infested with fleas, bring them to your home and once they land in your house, they spread quickly. Fleas are a nuisance and they can completely make your winter experience unbearable. If you don’t want fleas in your home just wash your pets regularly and keep their beddings clean. You can also check your carpets, rugs, sofas and pet beddings for signs of fleas. Vacuum regularly and also use hot water to wash your pet’s beddings.

Although traps sound archaic, they work. Rats and mice hide out in attics and confined spaces. These pests are sly and hard to catch. Traps have always worked and this method of pest control has stood the test of time. Glue traps control both rodents and insects. The more traps you leave out, the better. Moreover, traps give you a rough idea of which pests are in your home. If you are laying down a pest control plan, what you get in your traps will help you decide which tactics to use. In as much as traps catch pests, remember to clear them out or else you will have a problem of dead rodents and insects in your home.

Before a full-blown infestation starts in your home, you can get in touch with pest control services. If you get wind of any infestation in your home it is prudent to address the problem early. Most pests reproduce fast and the winter temperatures only exacerbate the problem. If you see any rat droppings, wasp nests, or crawling insects, just call pest control services immediately. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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