School Holidays

Preparing yourself for the School Holidays

Whenever school holidays come around it’s easy to feel like you might lose your mind, what with the kids running in and out of your house, and leaving everything lying around. Most of us work during this time anyway so the stress levels reach even higher because you have no idea what your children are doing to your house while you are away the entire day.


The first step is to just relax, it’s not like you need to keep your house sparkling and spotless. It’s going to get a little messy some days and that’s okay. The kids need a break and if you’re lucky enough to also be home, then so do you.



You can easily set up a routine for yourself and your kids to keep you’re a little cleaner than it would be if you just let them run amok. Give them daily chores like doing the dishes, sweeping out the kitchen and keeping the bathroom tidy. This way you’ll have some control over what is happening in your home if you’re still stuck at work.


Top to bottom

Whenever you are dusting make sure to do the top surfaces first then make your way to the bottom. This way any dust that falls will still get dusted and you won’t have to do it all twice or three times. Make sure to sweep or vacuum after you’ve dusted so you can get all the dust that fell to the floor.



This is a good time for a deep carpet clean, make sure the kids are out with friends or playing outside for the day so you can get to work. If you are working during the school holidays you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning company to come and do the hard work for you. The best part is they have the necessary skills and tools to properly and thoroughly wash and clean your carpets. They deep clean carpets, washing and steaming all the dirt and muck from it.



The kitchen is the heart of the home and the one place where the kids come in a lot more than the rest of the house looking for a snack or something to graze on.


Make sure to tell the kids to rinse any mugs and plates that they’ve used so you don’t come home to a stack of dishes at the end of the day. If they’ve messed they should clean it up. You can leave out the kitchen cleaners and cloths for them so they don’t have the excuse of: “I didn’t know where the cleaning supplies were.” By thinking ahead you’re making your life a little easier and they won’t have to deal with a tired and annoyed parent when you come home.



The bathroom is another potential danger zone where spills and toothpaste residue tends to end up everywhere. This is another place where you can put the cleaning supplies out in the open so if they squirt toothpaste onto the mirror they can immediately wipe it down before it becomes a crusty, unsightly mess.



The kids bedrooms are something you should leave to them to tend to if they want to live in a pigsty just pull the door closed and pretend it isn’t there. They should learn to clean up after themselves, believe me after spending three, four days in their own mess, they’ll step up and gradually in their own time begin to clean it up.


If your kids are on the lazier side you can always pick a day for them where they have to clean their rooms from top to bottom. Make it worth their while by bringing home take out the next day if they did, or even better a visit to the local zoo or waterpark.


These are all tips and trick you can implement in your daily life. However, if you are one of those really busy parents, whose kids are out of the house doing sports camps and extracurricular activities during the holidays, you can always hire experts to come in and deep clean your home for you. There’s no shame in needing help every now and then, and the best part is you can hire them on a weekly or monthly basis so you know your home will be deep cleaned when it is most needed!



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