Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks

Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks

Polyethylene water tanks are used in areas with rain abundance and also in the regions that have water scarcity. In areas with a lot of rain, you can use the tanks to harvest water and reduce your reliance on water supply companies. In areas where water is scarce, they store large volumes of water to meet domestic and commercial needs. Polyethylene tanks have numerous advantages that make them a popular choice. Here are a few.

Easy to Handle and Install

Poly tanks are lighter than steel tanks which make them easy to transport and install. It is far much easier to get a poly tank from the supplier to your home than acquire a fibreglass tank. When you need to install a poly tank as an in-groundwater tank, all you need to do is prepare the place of installation. The process is not as complicated as the excavation procedures and reinforcements that are done in the installation of a concrete tank. There are poly tanks that are specially made for installation as underground water tanks.

An above-ground poly tank only needs a flat surface free of sharp objects to set up. On the other hand, steel tanks need a concrete base and steel rings to set up the tank.

Easy to Maintain

Poly tanks are easy maintenance as they are not affected by substances rust. Once you install your poly tank, you can rest easy without worrying about it getting damaged. Cracks and leaks on poly tanks are rare, especially for new tanks.

Resistance to Leaks

Poly tanks are manufactured as single units through moulding. The design has no seams and cracks are unlikely to develop on the tank. Other reservoirs that have seams develop stress points which eventually give in and form leaks and cracks. The holes are a result of corrosion and rust on the stress points.

Variety Shapes and Sizes

Plastic water tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your preference. Other types such as steel tanks are only available in one design which is annoying for someone who likes to experiment with shapes and designs. Moreover, the different sizes available for poly tanks gives more freedom in installation. You can work with the space you have.

Blends with the Landscape

Since the tanks come in many colours, you can buy one that matches your surroundings. You can pick a tank that blends with the colours of your home. Whether in an urban or rural setting, poly tanks fit in any environment.


The installation of a poly tank does not involve much preparation, therefore, it’s a cheaper option for a water storage tank. Also, low maintenance costs make it an economical choice in the long run.

Best to Store Drinking Water

Containers that are made from other materials like steel are not the best to store drinking water. The iron in the build can affect the taste of the water and may also transfer small amounts of lead to the water. Poly tanks are made from safe plastic, cleared by health regulation agencies. Therefore, the tanks are safe to store drinking water.

If your primary reason for harvesting or storing water is for drinking, a polyethylene tank is the best option as it poses no harm to health. It is also ideal for the many benefits it has.

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