Covering your fences with creeping plants

Plants That Will Grow On Your Fence

Covering your fences in creeping plants is a lovely aesthetic for any abode. Deciding which plants to use can be quiet tricky and will vary on the look and climate you live in. Different species of plants thrive in different conditions. Some plant will thrive in sunny, arid conditions whereas some plant will thrive in shady conditions. You also must decide if you want flowering plants or whether you want a lush evergreen plant. So we have compiled a list to get you started on beautifying your fence with flora.



Bower Vine

The bower vine loves the sun and requires minimal sun and soil with good drainage. The native vine comes in two varieties the Lady Di and the Southern Bell. The Lady Di is pure white and flowers for a majority of the year and grows quite fast. The Southern Belle is pink with a deep pink bell and flower for nine months of the year and also grows quite fast.

Star Jasmine

This slow-growing plant with scented white flowers is a great addition to your fence line. The hardy plant will grow in most parts of Australia. The vine is evergreen and has bulky glossy leaves. The plant speeds up its growth cycle after a few months and grows in most soil types and weather conditions

Wisteria The Wisteria is a beautiful plant. The flowers are pink and purple and smell like heaven. They love the sun or the shade and will climb at a rapid rate. They are great for full coverage will grow over almost anything even pool fencing. The plant will grow in most parts of Australia.

Hardenbergia or Coral Pea

The Hardenbergia is a fast growing native climber. It comes in a variety of colours such as purple, violet and pink. It likes well-drained soil and will flower for most of the year. This plant is ideal for around pool fencing.

Ornamental Grape

The ornamental grape has vivacious red, burgundy, orange and yellow leaves but contrary to the name suggests does not produce grapes. It loves full sun and well-drained soils.

White Potato Creeper This light evergreen plant grows super-fast and likes plenty of sun, water, and vented soil. The white potato creeper is a great climber and provides great coverage especially for privacy screens.

Guinea Flower

The guinea flower thrives in coastal areas and will grow in full sun or partial shade. It has a large beautiful yellow flower that is almost 10cm in diameter. The will climb and can be grown along the ground.


Bougainvilleas are fast growing climbers and thrive in tropical and sub-tropical areas. They are great at providing coverage to fences, walls and are great for hiding ugly patches in your garden. If pruned correctly, they can also grow into shrubs. They come in a variety of colour such as apricot, cream, orange, pink and purple.

Golden Trumpet Vine

A fast-growing vine with yellow flowers with orange stripes. The golden trumpet thrives in a warm sheltered position and is ideal for providing coverage although it needs lots of TLC when first planted.

Stephanotis or Madagascar Jasmine

This beautiful climber’s white flowers can often be seen on bouquets at weddings. They love to be near water in a full to partial sun spot. The flower is star-shaped and will brighten up any fence line.

Orange Trumpet Creeper

This fast-growing mostly evergreen climber can be grown in full sun with well-drained soil. The orange trumpet creeper can get out of hand so keep it well pruned. The flowers blossom in the winter and will keep blossoming to the spring.


And last but the not least everybody’s favourite the honeysuckle. There are over 180 different types, and they are hardy and will grow anywhere. A creeping vine with beautiful flowers that come in so many colours. Too many to list in fact. The honeysuckle enjoys plenty of sunlight and water and will grow in most parts of the country.

There are many more plants that you can grow on your fence. The list above should help you get started on your merry way. So get out your gardening gear and your green thumb. Happy planting.

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