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Pest-Proof Your Home

Just like you, pest looks for warm places to stay during the winter season as the days get shorter and colder, residential areas become attractive living areas for pests. To avoid sharing your home with vermin, it’s essential to pest-proof your home. There are numerous cheap and effective ways to pest-proof your home. Here are some pest control tips to use this Winter

Seal All Openings

Pests find their way into homes through cracks and gaps in the structure of the house. A thorough check of your basement, doors, and windows is necessary to identify gaps which pests can use as entry points. Cracks are especially common in areas where pipes exit through walls.

Moreover, laundry vents and utility meters should be probed. Any cracks or holes must be sealed or repaired. Holes in screens should also be fixed to prevent any unwelcomed entries. It’s also important to keep garage doors shut. Doors and windows should also remain closed, especially at night and when the house is unoccupied.

Maintain A Clean House

The dirty house offers a good venue for pests to live. Both insects and rodents like leftover food, therefore, spills and food debris on the floors and counters are a goldmine for pests. To avoid an infestation, it’s important to sweep or vacuum regularly. All leftover food should be kept in lidded containers. Any spills should be wiped off, whether on the floor or the counter. Before disposing containers into recycling bins, rinse them off. Moreover, the trash can should be taken out and emptied regularly. Since the kitchen is the source of most food debris and spills, cleaning should be regular and thorough.

Declutter Your House

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A cluttered house is a good space for pests to invade and make a home. Poor organization and storage of items make pest invasion easy and concealed. Spaces under your furniture and dark, messy storage areas are top spots for pest invasion since they are warm, safe and dull. Arranging household items and clearing spaces under your furniture ensures pests don’t have a place to reside. Therefore, it’s essential to organize your laundry, books and other items in cabinets, drawers and storage bins. Any useless item should be cleared from the house to free up space and allow the proper organization of storage areas.

Clean Up The Backyard

Extensive tufts of grass, compost heaps and decaying leaves offer good breeding spots for insects. Moreover, for significant pests like rodents, an unkempt backyard is a right hiding spot. It’s therefore essential to keep your yard neat. Trim branches and shrubbery, cut the grass and drain any water puddles. Moreover, clean out any pet feces and keep compost heaps and trash bins covered and far from the house. 


Pest traps are effective pest management solutions. They have tried and tested. Fly traps keep flying insects away from your house. They can be installed both in and around your home. The traps use light to attract insects, while others are scented and have a sticky surface. Mouse traps are also useful in capturing rats. Traps are a cost-effective solution to pest-proofing your home. Pest-proofing solution aim at preventing pest invasions and managing pest problems before they get out of hand. With proper pest-proofing techniques, you can keep your house pest free and save on pest control costs. Pest-proof your house this autumn and enjoy a pest free season. For peace of mind hire a pest management professional who can take care of all your pest management needs.

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