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How Pest Issues Vary Between Sydney and Brisbane?

As the landscapes and cityscapes vary between these two cities in Australia, so do those unwanted visitors. The varying weather conditions and climates between Sydney and Brisbane also result in different types of insects and wildlife making a nuisance in your home. Pest control methods in Brisbane will vary from pest control methods in Sydney due to the different species of pests who will make your house their home whether you like it or not.

Residential pest control is crucial to making your house a safe disease-free environment for your family home. Although different in so many ways, Brisbane and Sydney also have some similarities in regards to the critters that will take residence in your home. Today we take a look at the kinds of pests and how they vary between Sydney and Brisbane.


Your household pet brings joy and love to any home although that’s not all they are bringing. With pets come fleas that love making your home theirs. Fleas are found wherever pets reside. In Brisbane, the underneath of Queenslander style houses is the perfect breeding ground for fleas who love to dwell in the dark dirty areas. In Sydney fleas are more commonly found residing in the carpets and hard to reach dark places around the home. A backyard shed is also a common place for fleas to reside. If you suspect, you have a flea problem call your local pest controller to discuss the best point of action for your flea problem


Spiders are territorial insects and different species reside in different parts of Australia. Redbacks, huntsman and daddy long legs are commonly found in the sunshine state and can make a nuisance of themselves in your family home. A nasty bite from a red back will see you rushing to the hospital. Although a healthy human can withstand a bite from a red back, the elderly and children will be affected more severely and can even lead to death. Sydney’s spider problem consists of white-tailed spiders and funnels. Sydney also has shared some of the same spiders as Queensland such as the red back. Spiders inhabiting your home should be taken lightly and if you have spider problem immediate response is necessary so obviously call your local pest controller.


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Sadly, termites can be found almost all over Australia and can detrimental damage to your family home. Termites love wood and you can be sure that if there is wood there are termites. Termite infestation can reduce your house to rubble if untreated immediately, so it’s better to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Research reveals that one in four Australian homes have a termite invasion so it’s worth calling your local pest controller for an inspection and get that pest problem sorted pronto.


The NSW origin teach is aptly named after this pest. Unfortunate cockroaches can be found in Brisbane and Sydney and all over the world for that matter. Cockroaches love to hide in dark places during the day and come out at night to forage food. Cockroaches spread disease around your home and the Australian climate provides the perfect breeding environment for these unwanted guests. If you notice more and more cockroaches around the house, you may be at risk of infestation.Seek a pest control professional immediately to prevent an outbreak that will put you and your family at risk.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can be found in Sydney and Brisbane. Rats and mice will go wherever the food is. They forage at night for your leftover scraps. They have the ability to breed quite fast and before you know, a whole family and then some, have moved into your family home. Rats and mice spread disease that is detrimental to human health. Although most of the diseases aren’t fatal, they are unpleasant and preventable with a call to your local pest controller. They will easily rid your home of these cute but messy intruders.

Sydney and Brisbane may be worlds apart in many ways but share many similarities in what intruders they harbor. The similar climates make them ideal places for pests to live, breed and reside. You may find your family home being overrun by some of these pesky critters, but luckily, there is hope and savior in the guise of your local pest control professional.

If detected early, with the help of a professional pest controller these pesky pests will be sent packing and vanquished from your home. Regardless of the infestation, regardless of the species, your local pest controller is equipped with all the right tools to get the job properly and safely so your family can enjoy the sanctity of your home without fear of nasty pests taking over your home and disrupting your peace of mind.

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