Why People Love Distressed Timber Floor Boards

Why People Love Distressed Timber Floor Boards

An interior floor finish is one of the most nondescript features whose silent, passive contribution to the ambience of a space is one that is seldom felt yet just as important as the features and furniture in a room. It forms the basis upon which the space achieves its desired purpose, literally.


Now when we talk of distressed timber floor boards, imagine walking into a room and being thrust back in time into a comfortable bungalow or a cosy cabin in the 1930’s. As you look down the scene is enhanced by the vintage and shabby hardwood floor. It is characterized by an array of knots, blemishes, cracks and splits, natural timber features that possess a desirable charm which is typical of distressed timber boards. Distressed timber flooring is a specific style that is designed to give a worn and weathered appearance to a new hardwood floor.


Now let us dive deeper into why this solution for your hardwood is such a welcome and preferred addition into the finishes in your space. Firstly, a good quality distressed engineered wood combines the strength and sturdiness of a well-made engineered hardwood flooring with the appeal of an old reclaimed floorboard. As an added bonus to the aforementioned visual characteristics the distressed timber floor boards present a holistic addition to the ambience of a space. They tend to come with a textured finish which enhances the grain of the wood and so too the tactile experience of the floorboards. The fresh woody smell, if ever so minimal yet perceptible, can be icing on the cake to the evocative sensory experience of this elegant floor finish.


In addition to being a perfect fit to complement a room with an antique well-worn feel, this rustic wood flooring selection can also create a tasteful contrast in many a modern-themed design. A very good pairing with a plain concrete finish, it is ideal for every setting imaginable, from the social, throbbing public restaurants and coffee houses to the warm, intimate spaces in your home. From the ebb and flow of employees making their living in a buzzing office space to the peaceful lounge of an idyllic getaway in the countryside. The possibilities are endless for distressed solid timber floors. An adaptable flooring selection such as this is easily an apt fit for convertible spaces such as exhibition and showroom spaces and galleries as examples. Whatever the occasion, this wood flooring style can wilfully blend into the scene.


Another reason why this engineered wood flooring is so endearing is that it is a very cost-effective solution to craft a weathered feel in a desired space. This is because the closest alternatives such as reclaimed timber boarding, which tends to match up to the look and feel of  these distressed solid wood floors are vastly more expensive due to recycling of the timber boarding. Why? Because, the reclaimed boards would have to be carefully extracted from the existing location, taking care not to damage it, transported to the new site and sorted. This process can take time and cost quite a bit.


To add to the list is that in recent times, it is possible for one to get distressed solid timber flooring already done by factory techniques. In the past, it was imperative to employ a specialist to come and distress the timber floors by hand on site once they are laid. This would of course incur an additional cost which some owners would opt out of, effectively missing out on the charming experience which is the distressed timber floor boards. Despite the fact that you can still do it to your already existing hardwood floor, the labour and expertise required is not a walk in the park.


In addition, taking the alternative of reclaimed floor boards, distressed floor boards can be used over underfloor heating in areas with potentially higher changes in humidity and temperatures. Reclaimed boards are not suitable because they are not as stable as engineered oak flooring. This gives a wider spectrum of utility for engineered oak flooring, naturally making it a preferable choice for user in more places with respect to this particular desired old and rough look.


To top it all off, one of the advantages of a distressed board is that it is designed to look worn and weathered. This magnificent perk ties in with maintenance costs. The already existing rough edges, textured grain and uneven blemishes conceal, or rather camouflage any scratching, scuffs or damage incurred due to any accidents that have inadvertently caused harm to the floor. The distressed floor can disguise a plethora of issues while making it look like they were intended and maybe even accentuating the overall look and feel.


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