Why People Choose Regency for Their Outdoor Heating

Outdoor entertaining has been popular for years and if you want to keep your guests warm and happy once the temperature drops, maybe you want to consider getting an outdoor heater to ward off the chill and extend the time spent in the great outdoors after the summer season. No matter if you have a large terrace or patio, a stylish outdoor heater will become the focal point to gather around as we all know that a glowing flame will give ambience and romance to a perfect evening.


Outdoor gas heaters provide a steady warmth that is easy to control. Furthermore, they are clean burning and almost odourless. Before you purchase an outdoor heater, let’s take a closer look at the outdoor fireplace collection of the manufacturer Regency and find out, why so many people have chosen at least one of their products for their outdoor living area.


Regency strives to become the world leader in outdoor gas fireplaces. Their sleek and artistic products are designed to amaze having used only the finest materials to leave a lasting impression on those who had the chance to gather around. Regency takes great pride in building reliable and high-quality products that are low in maintenance and their durable construction is built to last. To help you decide which of Regency’s fireplace product suits your needs perfectly, we will present you with a short summary of their best products.


Regency Plateau Outdoor Gas Fire Coffee Table PTO30CFT

This versatile fire table is the perfect spot to gather around when the temperature gets chilly. At 122cmx61cm and 48cm high, the coffee table can be customized with multiple fire bed options and set up in any outdoor living space due to its contemporary design. There is the material choice of vibrant crystals, volcanic stones or driftwood ceramic logs out of which long lazy flames will blaze to create a dramatic focus. The Plateau Outdoor Gas Fire Coffee Table PTO30CFT is manufactured for outdoor installation only and operates on propane with a 760mm stainless steel burner, which turns itself off automatically once the flame goes out. This model comes with a dining leaf, that can convert the fireplace into an outdoor table when not in use.


Regency HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

This dramatic outdoor fireplace is the result of Regency’s sophisticated design and quality craftsmanship. This fireplace comes with the faceplate size of 109cmx52cm and its view area of 2879cm² delivers wide-angle flames. For the reflective stainless steel body, the customer has the choice of ceramic garden stones, reflective crystals or logs. This model will be fuelled with either gas or propane by electronic ignition that is battery operated and its tempered glass windshield will ensure nights of endless entertainment. The fireplace is backed by a lifetime warranty and approved for outdoor installation only. It comes with a seasonal weather cover to protect from the elements when not in use.


Regency Plateau Cocktail Outdoor Gas Fire Table

The Regency Plateau Cocktail Outdoor Gas Fire Table comes in various design choices of durable porcelain tops in earthy tones including fire bed options to blend in perfectly with any outdoor space. As the model above this fire table’s flames are protected by a tempered glass shield to defy small winds. The table’s size of 15.75cm x 91.5cm and its height of 1.072m make it the perfect spot on your deck or patio to gather around to enjoy drinks and appetizers. The 760mm stainless burner can be switched on by electronic ignition and the propane bottle accommodated inside the table’s body. A safety valve will ensure that no more propane escapes once the flame goes out.

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