Outdoor Spas – Get it Right and They’ll Never be Outdated

Outdoor spas are the perfect way to relax, to socialise, rehabilitate, feel rejuvenated and to *reward* yourself for surviving a busy work day – or week. Taking time to relax in the warmth of your own spa, enjoying the soothing massage you get from the jets….

There are many at home outdoor spa options available and a few things you should consider before you *splash out*. If you choose the right spa today for your needs and requirements you’ll never end up with a *lemon* a spa just sitting in the yard going to waste.

  • What do you need or want a spa for? Before you even start looking for a spa, you need to decide why you WANT one. Do you need one that offers the chance for massage as you are recovering from an injury or you want it for another health reason? Do you want one to bring family and friends closer? The spa you choose will determine whether you can fill that need. You need to really do your research and choose wisely. One of the biggest decisions facing most buyers is whether or not to buy a portable spa, a prefabricated spa or a built-in spa.


  • Remedial Spas – these are purchased from spa specialists and are made from fibreglass and composite materials. The great thing about this type of spa is they can have laid-back lounger style seats, moulded chairs and strategically placed jets. Being portable you can place them anywhere – on crushed rock bases, on concrete and even onto decks (you have to be sure your deck can take the weight). You can sink them into a deck or dig them into ground level. If you do that, you need to make sure you still have access to the service panel and that drainage is available.


  • AESTHETIC SPAS – if you end up deciding to build a concrete spa the options for aesthetic appeal opens. Concrete spas are generally integrated into a pool project but they can also be built as a stand-alone structure. They are more expensive than a portable spa and permanent. If you have a concrete pool you can add a spa any time, but make sure you have chosen a reputable builder. Concrete spas can be built in or sit on the ground. The down-side to a concrete spa is you need more space than a portable spa as all the equipment is independent and needs to be hidden away. Apart from being more expensive, the other things concrete spas don’t offer are moulded seats and beds with more jets.
  • SOCIAL SPAS – if you want a social spa you have the option of concrete or portable. It’s more about where the spa is positioned and what you put around it that will create the *social* look and feel. Placing the spa close to your entertaining area and giving the space around the spa other functions – bench seating, ice buckets, a fire pit etc. will give the spa area a *multi-function* feel.


  • SAFETY – the next biggest consideration is safety, so get yourself acquainted first with your areas pool regulations and check if they will apply to your spa. Spas come in all shapes and sizes. Spas are required to have a 1200mm high non-climbable barrier with a self-closing gate that must comply with Australian Standards. You also need to consider other factors such as boundary fences and any climbable ledges placed within 900mm of the fence. Spa installations require a building permit to be installed and a safety barrier and water should not be added until the barrier is passed and is compliant AND safe.


  • SIZE – here size does matter and bigger isn’t always better. You need to think about how many people will be using the spa, if you just need a spa for two then don’t *over-size* your selection – as you need to maintain, run and heat the spa and that costs money. If you want to entertain family and friends then you will need a bigger spa. A 2X2 meter spa will comfortably seat 6 – it can fit 8 but it may be a tight fit.


  • POSITION – You want to make your spa the yard’s focal point, it is after all a permanent invitation for everyone to be able to enjoy being outside. Placing your spa out of the way down the side of the house will hide your investment and create a feeling of separation from the spa and its users. Make sure it’s not placed too far from the house, there is nothing worse than being all warm and cosy from time in the spa to having to make a mad dash back into the house on a cold night.


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