Thinking About Options for Fencing Commercial Premises

Options for Fencing Commercial Premises

When thinking about fencing options for your commercial premises, you’d have to have a think about what are the things you’d like to concentrate on. Security? Look? Privacy? Safety? Each of these different aspects will need to be weighed up before you make your final decision.
Today we check out some of the more common options for fencing choices for commercial properties around Australia. Have a browse through and try and think of some businesses you’ve seen that have these fences surrounding them – can you think of any? And, more importantly, will it suit your business? Let’s have a look and see then…

Options for Fencing Commercial Premises

Chain link
Although it’s not particularly visually appealing, there’s no denying that chain link metal fencing is pretty much everywhere. These are usually made from steel with a coating to keep it weather proof. It is relatively cheap to purchase and install, which is arguably why it is such a popular choice for commercial premises.
If you’re feeling a little fancy, or just really like the look of timber, wood fencing for commercial facilities is also an option. While it’s usually used for homes, some like to use wood for their business fencing too. It can add a level of sophistication to a place.
Picket fence
If you’re trying to emulate the residential look for your commercial premises, then you might like to take a look at the good old picket fence. Whether made from wood or metal, picket fences are both cute, calming, and homely, and this can make your business appear this way.
Aluminium fencing
Fences made from aluminium are both hard wearing as well as long lasting, relatively cheap, and light. Plus they can be painted to a huge range of colours. Aluminium fencing usually is comprising on vertical bars extending between two horizontal bars.
Pool fencing
If you have a body of water that you’re concerned about children entering, then you will need to go the way of pool fencing. Pool fencing is always built and installed to Aussie standards so that you won’t have any dramas should compliance come around. Make sure that you’re in line with safety laws!
Ornamental fencing
If your business is a little more boutique and you’re after a real look, then decorative fencing can be a great choice. As a stylistic choice, ornamental fencing can be far more appealing than what you generally have out the front of other businesses.
Vinyl is a hard wearing material. It can either be used in the place of metal chain links, or it can be used as a security blackout screen in strips, it really is quite versatile. People like to use it for commercial properties because it’s durable and easy to maintain.

There are much more ways that you can choose to fence your commercial property – it really is whatever you can come up with! Obviously, some choices are going to be better if you are after a more secure premises, some are going to be better choices if you’d like to be hidden from the road, and some are going to be better choices if you really want to make an impact with style.
We recommend having a ride around the suburbs and checking out what other businesses have for their fencing supplies Gosford. You’ll probably get some inspiration this way as well as see what are the most popular choices for what type of businesses and what type of locations.
Ultimately, the choice lies with you. Take a look at your budget, your options, and preferences, and you are sure to make the right decision in the end!

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