Nomad 2 Platform Bed (Twin) Review

Nomad 2 Platform Bed (Twin) Review

Please tell us about the Nomad product you purchased.

I bought the Nomad 2 platform bed. It purchased the twin size, and having been able to sleep in it for two weeks, I believe it has a standard twin size. It’s a perfect size for me nevertheless. This type of bed though has different sizes. If you’re looking for a bigger size, I believe they have it.

The components are made of wood, and it’s not a wood that would seem to deteriorate anytime soon. Also, Nomad is emphasizing that it is made in the U.S.A. which means they are committed to ensuring us that we’re receiving only high-quality products. The wood is sturdy and solid. I’m sure that it will least at least a decade. I’ll update this review if ever I experience problems with the wood.

What are the things you like about the Nomad product you purchased?

I love the Nomad 2 platform bed. I didn’t realize this is the kind of bed I have always needed and wanted my entire life until I got my hands on it and had it in my room. If you research on what it is, and laugh at me for praising and loving this rather simple bed, then maybe you’re just as ignorant as me before I purchased this item.

What encouraged me to look at this item was the ‘nomad’ term. Why would a bed manufacturer call it like so? That was what made me take a look and then I snorted. It didn’t have a headboard or a footboard. It doesn’t have any sort of unique qualities. I saw in the picture that you can put another bed or some organizers under it, but those things are sold separately.

I bought the twin size, because I live in a condo with a limited space, meaning a small bathroom, small kitchen, small bed, small cabinets, and small, almost non-existent living space. I didn’t mind the limited space. I love this condo. It has an amazing view and amazing location. I just had to make sure the interior is cosy and that I had everything I needed in it. I even have a small office.

I’m a designer, and I consider my condo my ongoing art piece. When I’m on holiday, I would redecorate my bedroom or living space. I have a limited budget but I needed a new bed, and since this bed has good reviews and a surprisingly low price, I bought it.

When I had the Nomad bed, I was like, ‘okay, let’s see what you can do’. It was a pain at first because I had to put the pieces together. I had my friend help me put it together. We watched YouTube videos and read some blogs as well as the manual that the bed came with. While we’re working on it, I realized that I may come up with the ultimate design for my bedroom. I realized that maybe it was called nomad exactly because of its ability to adapt to your imagination. I realized, most of all, that maybe the reason why I kept redecorating the bedroom was because I wanted a particular design. And I got that with this Nomad bed.

I have a small bookshelf above bed if it remained positioned vertically. I needed a bed I could put in a corner without fearing I would scratch the walls. I also have many small cabinets. I placed one cabinet at the foot of the bed. It is no longer an eyesore to see the cabinet in that position because the bed doesn’t look like a bed if you just put away the big pillows and replace it with throw pillows. I put small boxes under it where I would place the blanket and the pillows in the morning, or the throw pillows if I’m about to sleep at night.

My bed is now exactly where I imagined it to be before purchasing the condo. If I ever get tired of the design, I can put the bed on another position and not worry about having a footboard or a headboard scratching anything or making the design suffer.

The overall sturdiness of the bed is impressive. I like that wooden furniture are quieter. I was worried about the common bed problems such as wobbling or moving around the room. My bedroom is tiled, not carpeted. I sparingly use rugs. If I ever use rugs, I use foot rugs instead of a huge rug.

This bed stays in place despite the usual movements I do in it. I have problems with the mattress slightly moving out of place on top of it though, so I bought an anti-slip. Now, it’s absolutely my ultimate bed. I use it as a nap couch in the afternoon, and a bed at night. With a wider space, I’m thinking of placing a sofa bed so I can finally have a friend sleep over.


What are the concerns/complaints you have with this product?

I have a little concern about the mattress slipping from the bed, but that can easily be remedied. It’s also one of problems you get with most platform beds. Maybe you could offer an anti-slip as a bonus for this product. The first night I slept in that bed, I woke up finding my mattress out of place on the bed. It did that every night, so I bought an anti-slip. So, all in all, I paid almost $200 for the bed, but it’s still a good deal.

Also, putting the pieces together to have a bed is kind of a pain. It’s a refreshing experience though.


Would you recommend us to other consumers?

Definitely. I love this bed, and your warranty. If you’re a consumer contemplating on buying this bed, you don’t have to worry. You can always use the warranty. It lasts for five years. Even after four years, you can approach Nomad about the problems you’re having with the bed. I’m not having problems with it at the moment, but this warranty is very handy. It’s also one of thing things that what made me make the purchase.


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