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New Baby Gift Selections That Really Show You Care

When someone has a new baby, they experience a mix of emotions. In many ways, it’s the happiest time of their life, celebrating this new addition to their family. It can be a challenge, but it’s also quite fulfilling, especially when they see their baby smile or hear that gurgling giggle that only an infant can pull off.

They’re sure to receive a lot of gifts, and most of them are baby-related items. Still, as new parents, they deserve nice things too, and they’re often forgotten in the excitement. Gift baskets are a good way to show them they’re still important, especially as they lose themselves in their intense parenting role.

As you select your gift options, remember that babies are pricey, so anything that saves cost will be appreciated more than you know. However, this baby will have no memory of you (or your gift) for another five years or so. If you want to make an impression (on the baby), buy them something that will still be relevant when they get to pre-school. Otherwise, focus on the parents, and on showing them you care.

Milk and cookies

This is the ultimate comfort food and can do wonders to soothe sleep-deprived parents during the dreaded midnight feed. Try the Cookie and Chocolate Galore hamper. They’d probably prefer some wine, but if they’re breastfeeding, alcohol will have to wait. Besides, a warm glass of milk can help the new mum with her downing, and if she’s intolerant, you can always get her something lactose-free like rice milk, soy milk, or almond milk.

The hamper itself contains all kinds of sweet goodies for mummy and daddy to enjoy, and the sugar high might get them energised enough to partially counter their late nights. Hopefully, the baby will be asleep by the time they crash. Some of the items in the hamper are macadamias and almonds coated in chocolate, rocky road, fudge, premium cookies, and an assortment of dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

The gift basket also contains a gift card, so they can buy some aged wine or whisky and stash it so it continues to mature. They can open it in celebration when the baby is eventually weaned off the breast. It’ll make a nice memory, and knowing you thought that far ahead really does prove you care. Nudge them to invite you over to share their grand uncorking.

Baby Gift Hampers

Celebrate the baby

Of course not all parents opt to breastfeed, and that’s fine too. If you’re sure they’re a formula family, then your gift can include a little tipple. Get the kind of hamper that ticks off every box. Baby Celebration does this nicely, and they have a girly option and boy-y option (pinkand blue). It’s packed in a luxury gift box containing a striped stuffed elephant by Kate Finn that the baby will treasure well into adulthood and maybe pass to their own little ones.

The hamper also has two elegant champagne glasses for a celebratory toast, and teeny, tiny, baby-sized bottle of Chandon Moet. It’s only 200ml, but you don’t want to get the new parents too tipsy to change a diaper. You can buy the baby gift basket online and the order form gives you an option to type a message for the gift card. We suggest you offer a day (or night) of babysitting and room keys so the happy couple can go to a fancy hotel and get some sleep.

Mum and bub and baba

Still on the theme of celebrating parents, hunt for a hamper that pampers everybody. The Mum and Bub gift basket is mainly targeted at mummy and baby, but you can pay a little extra and add an item targeted at dad. We recommend a six pack of his favourite beer, some aged whisky, and a babysitting voucher to be redeemed at will.

The original gift pack contains 18k gold prosecco imported from Italy, a jellycat bashful bunny, a teether, and aromatic hair and body wash for the baby. For mum, there’s goat’s milk + lavender bath brew, assorted dark + milk chocolate, and coconut elderflower hand cream. The stuffed bunny is a neutral white, which is great for avoiding gender bias, but challenging to keep clean, especially as the baby gets older …

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