Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles: Which Tile is Best For Your Home?

Natural stone is usually on top of the building materials list for people going for a timeless style for their homes. It is pretty versatile when it comes to its architectural use. You can use them for flooring, pavements, walls, countertops, and staircases.

However, with such diverse options, how do you know the best natural stone for your home?

When purchasing natural stone tiles, you need to consider personal style together with the functionality of the stones for a more informed choice. While they are known for their beauty, natural stones have additional features which make them suitable for different spaces.

Types of natural stones for your home

There are lots of natural stones tiles to choose from, all with different aesthetics and benefits. Below are some of our favourite options.

Marble tiles

Marble subtly hints opulence and luxury. It’s available in various colours and patterns with veins, clouds, and striations, making it attractive. Marble stone has a delicate feel due to its natural glow, but it’s incredibly durable and water-resistant. It doesn’t scuff or scratch easily.

Unfortunately, it is prone to staining, making it high-maintenance. Marble is visually pleasing, but it can be pretty expensive. However, its tough nature makes it quite pricey to install and requires professional expertise.

Granite tiles

Granite is a versatile stone that can be used forfloors and countertops. It’s an igneous rock composed of compressed mica, quartz, feldspar, and other durable elements. It comes in a variety of colours with a mosaic-like design making it aesthetically appealing.

Granite is also non-porous and almost resistant to acid stains and corrosion.It’s a solid, scratch,and heat-resistant stone, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Even so, it is best to seal your granite annually as it’s sensitive to stains.

Limestone tiles

Limestone is a highly durable stone that requires little to no maintenance. It’s not shiny in its natural state but has a smooth finish.Limestone has average porosity making it susceptible to acidic spills. However, you can apply a sealant to improve its longevity and give lustre. If left unsealed, it fades into lighter shades and acquires a more rustic look which some homeowners may love. 

Regarding style, it is pretty versatile with lighter shades of white, beige, and yellow to darker shades of grey, black, glue, and green.

Travertine tiles

This stone is available in warm beige and white hues, giving a room a historic and regal style. Travertine is great for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. It’s an excellent alternative to marble for large areas because it is less expensive with the same veined look.

Though a beautiful stone, travertine is highly porous and will require a deep sealer to increase its resistance to staining and structural damage. 

Slate tiles

Slate has a more rustic look than any other natural stone in this list due to its brown tones. It is fireproof, making it ideal for the kitchen and fireplace. Its textured finish makes it suitable for outdoor flooring and places with moisture, such as pool patios and bathrooms. 


Natural stone tiles have elegant beauty, durability, and design versatility. The freedom to choose from such a vast selection allows you to create your desired style and function for your space. 

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