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Marble Tile Feature Ideas To Consider

The versatility of marble is one of the many admirable qualities that make marble a favourite for interior decorating. This is because it comes in different sizes, finishes, and colours, marble can be used to create features that will create a specific look and bring together a room. The colour diversity that comes with Marble lets you play around with different designs and mixes to create looks that cannot be achieved using other materials. The natural veining pattern that come with polished marble also work towards creating an authentic custom look that shimmers in the light, resulting in a very unique appearance.

Marble also allows you to work with numerous layouts including geometrical shapes, thanks to its square, rectangular, circular, octagonal, and hexagonal presentation. It is thanks to this traditional presentation, that you can combine various sizes and shapes to create custom designs that are unique. For instance, you can alternate rectangular shapes of different sizes to make your feature look like a woven basket, while arranging them a different way will give you a herringbone design.

To help you get started on revamping your house in a style you can be proud to show off, here are some marble tile features to consider:


Feature Tiled Wall

One way to bring character or a splash of color to a room is to install a feature wall. The beauty with feature walls is that you can play around with a bunch of ideas, including mosaic designs, geometric patterns, and other creations and motifs. The traditional presentation of the marble floor tiles makes it easy to play around with designs to include various shapes and unique colour combinations, to satisfy whatever creative direction you are looking for.

Marble tile feature walls can be installed anywhere, including the living room, bathroom, and even the kitchen. When working with the kitchen or the bathroom, you can even create a matching set by adding a splash back that works with the feature wall.



Marble Tile


Creating A Stairway

A very striking feature that can be revamped using marble is the stairway. There are a couple of things you can do to a staircase, an all involve changing some part of the original design. One of them is by changing the stair risers to marble. This is an area that is typically ignored and considered as just a functional part of the staircase, and by changing it you could add life to that part of the household.

When revamping the stair risers,consider using bright coloured marble tiles with striking vein designs, since these will offer contrast to the rest of the stairs, especially if they are made of darker coloured hardwood. Another way is to add marble accents to the edge of the steps, to add a certain flair especially of the stairs catch the sunlight during the day. They work even better when they are matched to door surrounds, whether the surrounds are made from marble of from another natural stone such as limestone.


Kitchen Island

You can bring your kitchen to life by creating a set of matching features including a kitchen island, and a splashback. What this does is that it creates a functional space in the middle of the kitchen, filling up negative space while bringing with it eye-catching beauty. Carrara marble for instance has been used to create detailing on a kitchen island, thanks to its colour and the contrast between its vein patterns and the rest of the island features such as cabinet doors. It also reflects perfectly against glass and pans that are stored on an overhead hanging rack if you have one. Such island countertops go well with matching splashbacks to create different illusions of space and airiness, without taking away from other features in the room.



Marble Tile


Sinks And Counters

If you are looking to replace your sink, or counters in the house, than you should definitely consider marble. Unlike the normal porcelain, marble sink look incredible and can be combined with other parts of the room such as a feature wall to create incredible looks. Contrary to some belief, marble sinks are actually water resistant and with the right maintenance, they can last a long time.

Marble also makes great counters around the house to add a splash of colour and pizzazz to any room. They typically work best when installed in the bathroom where they can be matched to sinks and splashbacks, or in a living room to match a feature wall. Most people like adding succulents of other knickknacks to the top of the counters to add to the overall fill.


Foyer Decor

The foyer is typically the first place people see in your house as they come in. You can make it more welcoming by adding a few marble features to help with creating different atmospheres. This can be done with the help of marble columns, door surrounds, and of course, marble flooring. All these can be mixed or matched to allude to space, or give it a rustic yet homely appearance. With the foyer, your creativity is literally your limit to what you can do.


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