Make Your Place Special

Make Your Place Special

3 Interior Style Face lifts for Sydney Suburbia

Let’s face it.  It’s hard keeping up the home.  First there is landscaping, then there is the roof and windows, then lighting.  Now let’s move inside.  We’ve got faucets, and flat screen TVs, and stainless-steel appliances.  After we’ve spent hours and countless dollars on managing these things, then we’ve got this thing called “interior design”.  Who really has the time for this stuff when you can barely keep the floors clean?


Make Your Place Special With 3 Interior Styles


We wrote a quick crash course on adding modern design elements to your home, that can instantly change the way it looks.  You can change the look and vibe of a room just by adding a splash of color or adding a decorative floor rug.  Furthermore, you can create a totally new atmosphere in your home, giving it and your family a sense of renewal and rejuvenation.


Is Your Home Instagram Worthy?

They say home is where the heart is, so let’s show your home some love.


Make yourself and your home happy by giving it some extra attention.  Design is contagious.  Once you start seeing the immediate benefits of moving a few things around, you won’t stop at this article and that’s the beauty of interior design.  Today we will focus on 3 interior design modifications that can make several happy campers.


Lounge at Home

Beautiful chaise lounge chairs and sharp modern leather lounges aren’t only for the rich and famous and luxurious hotel lobbies in the city.  Introduce a lounge in your home and completely transform the status of the room.  Lounges provide an immediate upscale look and focal point to the bedroom or living area within the home.


Upgrade that Old Dining Table Your Parents Gave You

In Sydney, eating is a beloved pastime, and nothing beats eating at a beautiful dining table.  Often overlooked, but never unnoticed, you can use the dining table to convert your everyday basic kitchen into a bustling gourmet area that’s fit for a photoshoot.


Spend More Now, for Better Times Later


Oh, it’s too expensive!  Everyone says that about leather until they realize the following:

  • Haven’t had allergies or reactions to dust and allergens trapped in fabric fibers
  • Leather does not retain smelly odors that fabric often absorbs
  • Leather furniture elevates the interior look of the home


Do yourself a favor and upgrade some of your favorite furniture staples to leather today!


In summary, in just a few days or so, you can give your home a new facelift with areas that are inexpensive but make quite a visual impact.  We saved you some time so review the recap here instead of spending endless hours going to store after store for design advice.


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