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Food is such a ginormous subject that it’s nearly impossible to capture all its beauty. There are so many cuisines, so many flavors, so many styles…. The epic list goes on.

In Australia, food is a big deal and barbecues are even bigger.

Nationally, the culinary scene is growing more vibrant year after year with many top restaurants spread throughout the regions.  An amazing dining experience isn’t only limited to Australia’s metropolitan city centers, but a variety of suburban neighborhoods as well.

Home to a couple World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Australia is officially on the map when it comes to global culinary influence.

Whether its street food or high-end dining, Australia has exploded onto the scene at an extraordinary rate over the last decade.

Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival has become a hub of authority when it comes to food trends so in addition to local validation, globally, Australia is in the spotlight when it comes to what’s going on the grill next.

Here we salivate and explore some of the latest food trends to hit the scene (and our grills).




Meat Free Goods

It seems counterintuitive right? “Faux” meat, on the grill?


Grilling non-meat products are an easy way to add that smoky familiar flavor while not compromising a non-meat diet.  Summer time is the perfect time to try some of your favorite meat free products on your new shiny grill.


The meat free lifestyle is becoming more and more popular for folks all around the world and the demand for tasty products is soaring through the roof.


King Prawns (Tiger)


For an extremely easy and delicious quick meals, we suggest switching it up from time to time and using prawns instead of regular shrimp.  Prawns and shrimp are both crustaceans, but prawns are much larger in size and sometimes considered bolder in flavor.  King prawns are even larger, featured in decadent meals galore.


We have a simple recipe to use for your next barbeque that only consists of 3 ingredients.  Grab some pancetta, fresh sage, and wrap your prawns in the sage first, then the wrap that in the pancetta.  Throw these on a hot charcoal grill for 1-2 minutes and prepare to be overwhelmed by your guests.  Make sure you put a few to the side for yourself because these will be devoured by everyone, fast.




Trust Your Gut

Ok, this is a catch all category.


Have you heard of the “Kombucha Effect”?  If you haven’t, you clearly must live in the middle of the Pacific with no access to the outside world.  Kombucha is extremely popular due to its gastrointestinal and digestive healing properties.  Probiotic bacteria treat a variety of stomach issues and Kombucha is full of them.


These fermented products as a whole are sweeping Australia and the world by storm as people flock to the great taste and better health.  Other fermented products that are becoming more and more popular are kimchi, pickles, and kimchi. Consider adding sauerkraut to some sausages at your next BBQ!






The first step to having delicious kebabs is having quality ingredients. You have to have great meat whether its chicken or beef or seafood.  Lastly, make sure you have fresh vegetables from the farm or market.  Having these things will ensure your kebabs come out to perfection.

Oh! But don’t forget a good sauce.  Chimichurri sauce is extremely popular with beef kebabs and one of our favorites because it’s easy to make.

Impress your guests at your next barbecue by making a tray of kebabs that all can enjoy.

Bon Appetit!


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